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Rick and Ford
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Published: August 16, 2015
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I promised I wouldn't cry :C
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I didn't (cries)
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(After you watched around panel 14...the bombshell) 

Waaaah! :sad: the feels Danisnotonfire: FEELS GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Feels Right into the feels Pikachu Crying Plz NOOOO sobbing - crying [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon  

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Of frick... the onion ninja's have arrived...
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kidme999999999|Hobbyist General Artist
im cryinhg
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I think someone is cutting onions in the kitchen 😢
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The funny ting about that Edison line, is that in this universe, Stanley is the next Edison. He is the perfect con man.
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FlareEmerald77|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rick, expert in making us all equal members of the shit club  XD
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VenZZaPen|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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nata1414|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look on the bright side there is a 50% chance that version of Black Mesa would go on to doom the earth with the Resonance Cascade. Hey not saying that's a failure but that is a failure, but you could come over to Aperture Science and not doom the earth and just doom a company and all its employees. That is more of a woops than a failure.
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Thank you, Mr Johnson, for those inspiring words of wisdom.
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Mejzurian|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's the best comix :)
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you know... i can totally see this conversation happening. and according to the Lore of Rick and Morty (the whole infinite realities schpeal) it has likely happened at least once an infinite number of times
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...dammit i need to get on Rick and Morty!
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Pkzlr|Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna see more of rick and morty/gravity falls
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Rick: "Wanna know what kind of person you REALLY are, Ford?"

Ford: "What do you mean?"

Rick: "Y'know how easy it would be for you to get all of that stuff from that universe, Ford?"

Ford: "Easy? How?"

Rick: "All you would have to do, is take that Portal Gun, go to that Universe itself...and kill the Ford that lives there."

Ford: "What?! Why?!"

Rick: "Basically speaking Ford, that Ford from that universe IS you - technically all of his accomplishments can easily be yours. All you'd have to do is get rid of him, and take his place, and bam; you've got the life you've always wanted."

Ford: "But I could never do that; I mean, actually killing myself from another universe, just because his life turned out better than mine. Even if we are the same person, I'd still be a stranger stepping into the shoes of another man; the Stanley of that world grew up with that Stanford; they'd have decades of history and relationship I'd be robbing him from, and I'd have none of it. Even worse, regardless of what happened in that timeline, the Stanley and Dipper and Mabel of MY timeline would remain here...they'd have absolutely no idea what had happened to me, and they'd never see me again...I can't just abandon them like that, Rick..."

Rick: "Well then Good-News,'re not as horrible as you think you are..."

Ford: ".........Wait a minute rick...Have...Have you ever done that before? Supplanted another Rick's life...just to benefit your own?"

Rick: "..........................*drinks from flask*...........Uraaaap............Maybe..."
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this made my day a bit more gloomy.
in a good way.
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New account, oh my heart!!
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I love how Grunkle Ford just gets so emotional about Stan and then there's Rick over here like Emote| Rick Rolls his eyes  yeah what ever
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Me[reads this comic a few times then sees something in the 11th panel]: STANFORD PINES FOUNDED BLACK MESA!
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Why have you done this to me? I didn't need to feel these emotions.
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