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It's a Long Story

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Now this would be an epic duo

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of course this makes sense!
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this need to happen XD
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Given the end of season 2 and then added to the crossover tribute from Gravity Falls into Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, I could TOTALLY see this as the opening for Season 3.
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Imagine this is how Rick escaped for Season 3
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It's probably likely given that Ford has traveled the entire multiverse during those 30 years and Stan....well, he speaks for himself.
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All we need is a little cameo or something on Gravity Falls.

Maybe a picture of Rick in the Shack.

Or he and Morty in the background.

I mean. We've had two refrences to Gravity Falls on Rick and Morty. Shouldn't Alex be able to sneak in a shout-out? He's done gutsy-er stuff.
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At a sneak peek at real life Journal 3, one of the things silhouette is a Plumbus, and another is a Zigerian Scammer.
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LOL after seeing this, I kinda want to see what they would be like drunk together XD
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Better believe!!! 
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YES!  I can SOOO see this crossover happening!
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Stan got in over his head, Ford called in a favor.
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This isn't a real thing!  Inside Out Reaction Icon: Anger on fire 
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hahaha this great
God I want this so badly.
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I love this more than anything
Stan: How did this happen!

Rick: I don't know! This is just a *huuurp* promo commercial!
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"Way to HURRRRRP screw it all up, Stanford!"
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sadly I can actually picture a crossover.  the clips are in my head but not sure about a plot
One of Stan's "Columbian nights"
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