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Gravity Falls Map

inspired by and based on the map in [link]
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Where is Northwest manor?

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WOW, is so detailed, fantastic job!

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I'll use this in my banner (so I hope you don't get mad)
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This is honestly amazing. I love finding fan stuff like this because it makes comic making so much easier. 
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This is super detailed... I LOVE IT!
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OOOOOOOh! You did so gooood!
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the mountain? the cuts missing duude
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You can't chastise about that... the cliff wasn't seen back to 2012, when the series was just released.
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Where is the Northwest mansion?
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I don't think we saw it back in 2012
Or, it's because it's hard to find out where it is.
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me NIKOLA no wiktor
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Where's The Junkyard?
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such details

so accurate

much like the real ones

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Oh this is gorgeous!  It looks like the type of rural town I would actually want to live in.  It looks incredibly walkable which is pretty much unheard of nowadays. I highly approve of the lack of parking from an urban planning perspective.
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missing ufo shape in cliffs northwest manor mall swimming pool arcade minigolf wendys house soos's house and old man mcguckets dump
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You forgot that liffs have a UFO shape.
Thought,I`m pretty sure you`ve done this before the ending of first season,so yeah)
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So pretty! Really good job on this!
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I wanna build it in SimCity 4!!!
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Hi, I've messaged on here before but I had a question for you, I was wondering if you would be okay if I used this for a project I was doing with my sister? We're making a Gravity Falls Dating SIM, and we need a HUD Map, and we wanted to use this picture for the map, if that's okay with you?

Of course, all credit goes to you and we'll put that in the game credits and what-not, but yeah, we were just wondering if it was cool to use this?

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When your done send me the link! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
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This is awesome! I was just wondering where Old McGucket's Dump is!
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