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Goodbye, fillyhood.

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let me guess Scootaloo is Dipper Sweetie belle/Applebloom is Mable Stan is Twilight and Wendy is Rainbow dash 
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it's a gravity fall reference 
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I think someone stole your "goodbye fillyhood" pannel. Why do I think this? Because I saw it with a season 0 yugioh picture...
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Why is this so late to enter my :+fav:s...?
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well she's screwed up
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poor scootaloo.
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There are times when a thing is so brilliant you know it is never going to get appreciated enough, and only occassionally will some folk stumble upon it, then wonder how the hell could he think the things he has seen before were great.
Times like that, there is nothing to do but silently press the Favourite button.
This is one of those times.
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Who is in Scootaloo's body? :o (Eek) 
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maybe its sweetie belle
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oh my.... GREAT JOB!!!!
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Foals are usually the males. ^^
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Foals = Children - Filly = Little Girl - Colt = Little Boy
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