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Better late than never

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That is 100% the way it would go.

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This is cannon. 100% cannon. Never not gonna be cannon. 
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it's canon not cannon lol. Canon=Happened in the actual product. Cannon=thing that goes boom 
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I will grammar your face
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That's how you make an entrance! XD
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I accept that this is cannon. Somehow.

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Was there a high school building at Gravity Falls or that was just your own creation?
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Wendy went to school there and Mabel talked about having her and Dipper's birthday there
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the fact he still put a coin in the meter had me laughing my ass off
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tbh imma bet its because people were watching him. he did it so he wouldn't embarrass soos anymore.

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honestly it's the least believable thing in this comic. Stan shoplifts light bulbs, you think he's gonna wanna pay for parking?
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when stan came in, it was both heartwarming and funny
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Stan’s the best, no doubt about it.
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Ah, Stan's like a father figure to him now. Hug 
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Good Ol' Grunkle.
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Unless it's a Stan coin, he'll try to steal it back later.
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Muy conmovedor!! 
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Aww, that’s adorable! Love 
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I noticed an error in the 13th panel ... Stan paying the parking meter ?.
This strip has been a favorite for a long time, but until now I discovered who the author was.
I always thought the same of Soos and Stan, thank you!
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Parking tickets are expensive
SelvlesdeVega's avatar
No, I think it would be by principle: Stan Pines does not pay anything to the government, or anybody else, if he can avoid it.
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Maybe it was a counterfeit nickel.
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