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Graysonuniverse77Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, Mabel is willing to date a guy that’s way older than her? And a Vampire of all........ oh wait now I get it.
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TsanDi2002Hobbyist General Artist
*Watches for a long time then slowly walks away*
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AjanisApprenticeStudent Writer

I was kinda expecting Dipper to bring out a steak and stab.

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Ok*i step out the room
ToxicGhost58's avatar
I wouldn't surprised if this happened some point in between episodes.
peri3721's avatar
love this
Gravity-Girl-6-15's avatar
Gravity-Girl-6-15Hobbyist General Artist
I get u dipper... I get u.
Reviewer2016's avatar
This makes what Mabel's 4'crush that had paranormal ties
and dippers only love interest was a girl out of his age group, a bunch of one off characters, would have been cute if he fell for like a franken girl of something.
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He's Not The One from Star wars...
He's the one from Pokemon
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FazersMarieProfessional Filmographer
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Luke: Whhhaaaaattt?.......
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DanTheDragon177Hobbyist General Artist
what does star wars have to do with this
Just4noth3rF4n's avatar
"Please be a vampire, please be a vampire"
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CassandraAltman14Hobbyist Artist
Shadow-Messenger's avatar
At least he is an actual vampire, not a fairy that glitters in the sun!
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Gothgirl378Hobbyist General Artist
That is definitely awkward.
Luiz4200's avatar
Is Brad one of those vampires Mabel met while Dipper wasn't looking?
tigerwu98's avatar
His last name wouldn't happen to be breeck would it?
heavenle0024's avatar
Apartently so
Wiseoung-5's avatar
Let me guess. Dipper didn't see this comin?
Genisc's avatar
Great job on him! You really should be a cartoon artist!
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Sanstheskelepun10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How about congratulating your brother for CAPTURING a VAMPIRE while also somehow making a MAGIC FORCEFIELD to keep it from flying away as a bat?
Also, Dipper looks suspiciously a tiny bit like a vampire.....
So Mabel, you might want to thank him now before he eats your whole family and has no memory of all the good times you guys had together somehow (cause I'm pretty sure Disney magic would help Dipper remember that one where you congratulated him, leading to all the other great moments, and somehow turn him back into a human)?
Bender456's avatar
But he doesn't look like a vampire at all
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KinggigasmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
So HE'S the vampire she mentioned in "The Deep End".
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