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School Experiment - Abandoned Concept - Poster by MarkKB School Experiment - Abandoned Concept - Poster by MarkKB
This was an idea for a fanfic I had back in 2007 that never really left the ground. Basically, Experiment 419 and 426 would have to go to a public school (for some reason), using holograms of Jumba's invention to fit in.

Back then, I couldn't really think of any way to start the story. Looking back on it now, I don't really think it was all that great an idea to start with, and it doesn't really fit anywhere in my fanfiction timeline. I just liked the idea of holograms. ^^;

I rediscovered this poster only recently, and so I decided to use it to practice both my art and fixer upper skills. For the latter, the proportions were messed up in the original sketch, and for some strange reasons I had their 'reflections' behind them! (I'm not really sure what transpired me to do that - I suppose I was thinking 'shadows' when I was sketching it.)

There wasn't any background either, so I had some fun putting one together.

(That's meant to be a glass slide in the logo, if you can't tell. :) )

Sketch: Mid 2007
Character Lineart: 12, 29 Nov 2011
Character Paint: 15-16, 29 Nov
Reflections Lineart: 30 Nov
Background/Lake: 1 Dec (with modifications 6 Dec)
Reflections Paint: 2 Dec
Logo: 2 Dec, 6 Dec
Lighting/Shading, Glasses Lens: 6 Dec
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December 6, 2011
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