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Exp. 426 Ref Sheet and Notes by MarkKB Exp. 426 Ref Sheet and Notes by MarkKB
Experiment 426 is an original character from my Lilo & Stitch fanfics.

About Experiment 426

Experiment 426 is a laid-back kind of experiment, who'd rather have other people do all the work instead of him. However, he will pitch in if he thinks the work is necessary or, of course, if he enjoys the task. (Also, if Lilo asks him to. ;) )

He has a tendency to not look before he leaps, which has gotten him into trouble more than once. He is also not exactly the smartest bulb in the lighting factory when it comes to ideas, but the ones he does have are usually straightforward and to the point (which he sees as better than 419's often complicated plans.)

One area he is quite proficient at is computers - not quite at the level of administration, but he's quite the sufficient power user, and can pick up most user interfaces pretty easily.

He often likes to friendly tease people. Common targets are Jumba (about his own creation - probably not the smartest idea, but Jumba lets him get away with it), Pleakley (about the various fascinating things he talks about, which, as he once quipped, are about as interesting as watching grass peel [he wasn't too sure of his metaphors at the time]) and 419 (sometimes about being his sister, but mainly about her fear of spiders).

Quick History of Experiment 426

Experiment 426 was created as part of a project to find out exactly what Experiment 419 did (which Jumba himself had forgotten due to blunt-force amnesia and a system crash - it's a long story). Part of the problem was that the section of DNA that encoded Jumba's experiment's powers were heavily obfuscated multiple times to prevent competitors from reverse engineering his techniques, if they'd ever captured one of the experiments, which had the unfortunate side effect of he himself not being able to read his own genetic programming. He decided to copy portions of 419's DNA and create another experiment based on them to see if any possible powers 419 had were simply not expressed in her for whatever reason, and might be expressed more thoroughly in a different environment - that is, another experiment.

When 426 was activated, he was... not what Jumba expected. While, unlike 419, he had all the standard powers that most experiments possessed (better than average vision, hearing, and strength), he was unable to demonstrate any of his own. Furthermore, he had a malformed right ear, which demonstrated that Jumba had not fixed all the problems in his process.

He quickly discovers 419 and his genetic relationship to her, and the two become steadfast friends. While he's not as quick-thinking or can remember as much data as his sister (nor is he interested in doing so), he does do some minor help around the lab (which Jumba lets him do because of his lack of powers, thus not making him useful for much else.)

Eventually, he and the other 625 experiments were dehydrated when Jumba caught wind of a Federation sting around an hour before it happened.

On Earth, he and 419 were reactivated accidentally by Jumba, who decided to keep them as his ship engineering crew to ease the work needed to fly the ship.

Since 426 and 419 share genetic material, they consider each other to be siblings.

About this pic

This is the second of the new reference sheets I'm drawing up for my experiments. I think it's a heck of a lot better than the previous version, wouldn't you agree?

You may have noticed I made 426's head-height shorter than 419 in this ref sheet, whereas in the previous one he was taller. Firstly, the initial design of 419 was also a lot more squat than she is now, or was even then (despite the fact that my design of 419 had changed since I posted her ref sheet, I used the original design for the size chart), and second, I never really felt that 426 looked tall enough to be taller than 419, and I'm fairly certain I don't draw him that way. So, now it's canonical.

Since 426 doesn't have any powers of his own, I've also drawn some biological diagrams depicting the way I'd envisioned how some of the standard template powers work biologically. (Sure, I don't really have to and perhaps shouldn't, but that's not stopped me in the past, and besides I want to, so there! :p)

A note to actual biologists: I'm not one, and while I have a better-than-average understanding of how biology (and human biology, specifically) works, it's not my speciality, so I apologise in advance if the diagrams displayed here are so horribly wrong that they make you want to cry without even seeing it.

Changes from the original sketch

I actually had to make quite a few adjustments from the original sketch - I wanted the sheet I post to be both as accurate to my idea of him, and accurate anatomically, as I could make it - after all, this is the sheet both I and other people (mainly I, though) are going to reference from.

This resulted in an almost complete redesign of his right (our left) shoulder, arm and paw. Originally, the arm was kind of just jutting out from the middle of his torso weirdly. It looked OK, but it wasn't right at all, so I restructured the area so that he was instead bending his elbow to wave (and so there's an actual shoulder visible) - and now, I think it looks much better. I also heavily redrew his paw to look more like a hand with two fingers and a thumb (rather than three fingers sticking out of the end of his arm) - it actually took quite a few redraws to get it looking right to me. The back view of his paw was much much easier to redesign, since I had a reference - however, the side views also took a few tries to get it looking the way I wanted.

His left cheek, neck and arm also got a do-over - before, I just had his cheek kind of flatly slope to his neck, for which the left side was much longer than the right side. As with the right side, the left had no discernible shoulder, and (unlike the right) his left arm looked far too long for him to be comfortable carrying it around.

Finally, I had some minor issues with drawing features in the angle shots the right way. The easier one to fix was the direction his tuft of fur at the top of his head went in the back and top view. However, I'd drawn his left ear wrong in the left side view (the cut was on the wrong side, and the whole thing was a lot more round than it was supposed to be), so that had to be redone. Also, for some reason I'd included his tail on only the back view and not the others, so that had to be added in as well.

All in all, I think I did a reasonable job. I'd be happy for any comments on how well or poorly I did, though, so post away!

Sketch: 29 November 2010
Lineart (main): 21-22 October 2011
Infobox Lineart: 22 October 2011 (with minor modifications 28 October 2011)
Infobox layout/text: 22-23, 27, 30 October 2011
Sides/Back Lineart: 28 October 2011 (with minor modifications 30 October 2011)
Top Lineart: 29 October 2011 (with minor modifications 30 October 2011)
Size chart: 29, 30 October 2011
Paint: 30 October 2011
Colour table: 30 October 2011
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