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Exp. 419 Ref Sheet and Notes by MarkKB Exp. 419 Ref Sheet and Notes by MarkKB
Experiment 419 is an original character from my Lilo & Stitch fanfics.

About Experiment 419

Experiment 419 is an experiment that likes to know things. To that end, she loves reading; her PADD, a tablet device given to her by Jumba, is filled with articles and books on various subjects.

One thing she enjoys reading about is legends, and she knows quite a few off by heart, including many of the Greek legends, as well as the Hawaiian legend of Mo'ikeha.

She is afraid of quite a few things, one of which is spiders, which gives 426 no end of joy in teasing her about.

419 is myopic, her eye being too large for the lens to focus an image directly on the retina. Her glasses are therefore corrective, rather than aesthetic.

Quick History of Experiment 419

Due to a small mishap, Jumba doesn't actually know why he created 419 - all his files on her were erased in a system crash, and he himself suffered amnesia brought on by blunt force trama (specifically, a bowling ball stricking his cranium.)

After activation, she showed no signs of any kind of power whatsoever, apart from her logical skills and inquisitive nature. However, 419 found things she could do around the lab, and sometimes helped Jumba with his science or technology, often in concert with 247.

During her stay in the lab, she befriended Experiments 113, 142, 302 and 388, as well as her 'brother', Experiment 426. Eventually, she and the other 625 experiments were dehydrated when Jumba caught wind of a Federation sting around an hour before it happened.

On Earth, she and 426 were reactivated accidentally by Jumba, who decided to keep them as his ship engineering crew to ease the work needed to fly the ship.

419 was created before 426, but the two share genetic material, so they consider each other to be siblings.

About this pic

So, this is the first of the new reference sheets I'm drawing up for my experiments. This one is for 419, and I'm sure you'd agree this is a great improvement over the old design.

I've also included some information about the experiment, as well as some biological diagrams, in order to loosely explain why Experiment 419 has her defects (admittingly something that doesn't need to be explained but gosh darn it, I want to! As well as providing info for anyone who theoretically wants to write a fanfic or draw some fanart involving this character, I guess.)

Sketch: 14 November 2010
Lineart (main): 29-30 June 2011
Infobox layout/text: 2 July 2011 (w/minor modifications 27 July 2011)
Infobox Lineart: 27 July 2011
Paint: 27 Jul 2011
Size chart, colour table: 27-28 July 2011
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