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Skyrays Flight

By markkarvon
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A little weekend project. I decided to update my Skyrays painting. The F4D-1 was the US Navy's first airplane capable of supersonic speed in level flight. The Skyray was quite the performer in its day having a spectacular rate and angle of climb. The Skyray set a new time to altitude record flying from a complete stop to 50,000 feet in 2 minutes and 36.05 seconds, all while flying at a 70 degree pitch angle.
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GREAT ! Loved these jets from the 1950s. Designers were all over the place ! How about a F11F Tiger  - a classic looking plane.
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She had an incredible roll rate, too. I've seen it stated up to 900 degrees per second!
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I saw one of these a/c when I was at tech school in Quantico MCB, VA.  I didn't realize how small this a/c was until I stood beside that display.
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Love these things. I built a 1/48 scale model when I was about 10, loved it ever since. As much as I've flown combat sims, I really wish somebody would make an alternate history sim wiith AC of the mid 50s to mid 60s in a hot war. I bet this machine woulda been great.
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Great image.  Nice to see these rarely seen planes represented.  Thanks for the history lesson, those are F-15 numbers, quite impressive.
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That's another cool painting. I've never even heard of the F4D. :)
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shes a rare bird to be talked about. great job
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Effectively, a rarely represented plane.
Paintings were amazing at this time in US Navy! :)
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Fantastic!  I love early's one I don't see often.
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A lovely image--you also teach of me about many forgotten aircraft.  What an elegant design!
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Really cool. I had never heard of this one...
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Wow this is sweet! You don't see Skyrays very often in art. Good job Mark.
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Thank you Lyle.
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Beautiful work. ;)
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