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Lehigh Valley RR K5B Pacific

Known as "The Route of the Black Diamond" the Lehigh Valley Railroad was a northeastern line known primarily for hauling hard, pure anthracite coal which made up the backbone of its traffic. The railroad di feature several crack passenger trains and "The John Wilkes" was one. The train was pulled by a streamlined 4-6-2 pacific locomotive which was styled by famed industrial designer Otto Kuhler. Although a similar locomotive pulled the lines flagship "Black Diamond" train, the streamlined design was one of a kind. This print shows "The John Wilkes" in operation circa 1939, its inaugural year.
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really nice colors
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Holy cow, this is a beautiful painting of this mighty fine locomotive. Very nice work.
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Live that Pacific! (Still partial to their 4-4-0 camel backs though)
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That is a cool one!
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Never seen that one , it looks spectacular
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Boy, those were the days! Wish I could have been around back then to witness iconic machines like this in operation.

And even more than that, this is a scene of a lost part of our culture. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing. :)
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Thank you very much. There were so many new a futuristic looking designs. It is a fascinating period.
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This shows why this and the "Black Diamond" were known as "the most hansome trains on earth".
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This has a very Flash Gordon feel to it.
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I guess it does.
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This was a beautiful streamlined design by Herr Kuhler, but like so many of his designs, it was scrapped in haste without regard for preservation. I am, however, thankful for artists who bring the spirits of these engines back to life.
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Brilliant work, I love everything about this picture, a wonderful era and style gone now in this world.
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Thank you very much.
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