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May 16, 2017
Tier IV by MarkJayBee looks like it's straight from an action sci-fi movie.
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Tier IV

Mandelbulb 3D v1.9.0 ALPHA1 and Photoshop

DEcombinate in Min mode using: SphereHeightMap (x3)/_PolyFold-sym/ABoxPlatinum/Sierpinski3/_boxtiling/_reciprocalY3

I just couldn't resist another exploration of my previous 'Tier', 'Tier II' and 'Tier III' pieces, based on the huge space habitat of the same name which featured in some of SF author Iain M. Banks's 'Culture' novels.

Further details about this habitat can be found in my original 'Tier' description at:…
'Tier II':… and 'Tier III':…

My thanks to James 'GrungeTV' Knowles for kindly allowing the use of his 'Quanadium Steel' image as a diffuse map.

A larger version of this piece can be viewed at: and :nod:

*Update 24/3/17: You can now view an interactive 360° panoramic version of 'Tier' on my sites at:… and:… Watch Emoticon    Enjoy!! :thumbsup::D
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Mark, I join in the congratulations! Great job! Beautiful light and lots of atmosphere air. Full immersion! Thank you!!!Clap Clap Clap 
MarkJayBee's avatar
Many thanks Yury - it's very much appreciated! :bow: :D
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Great stuff, congrats on the DD Mark.
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks - again! - Graham! ;) Cheers 
LukasFractalizator's avatar
That is really impressive fractal scene! Congratulations on your well deserved DD! :D
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much Lukas - much appreciated! :thumbsup::nod: :D
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MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much! :bow: :D
kostas1348's avatar
This artwork is Magnificent!!! :o (Eek) 
Excellent work! Clap 
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much, glad to hear you like it! :nod: :bow: :D
kostas1348's avatar
You are welcome, sir. :) (Smile) 
Dianote's avatar
Epic! Congrats on the DD :)
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks - glad you like it! :bow: :D
Ric-Portier's avatar
I love this kind of stuff!!! Great work!
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much Ric - much appreciated! :bow: :D
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Looks like something my game character fought and jumped around on in Destiny....back when I played the game.  Looks cool.
MarkJayBee's avatar
Many thanks - much appreciated! :bow:
Xykun's avatar
Wow, impressive work ! Gratz for the DD :D
MarkJayBee's avatar
Glad you like it, and thanks! :D
GrahamSym's avatar
Congratulations mark.
MarkJayBee's avatar
Cheers Graham! Cheers ;)
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