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LimboCity 1

By MarkJayBee
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Mandelbulb 3D v1.69.5


This is a very alluring - and slighty creepy - place, but very noisy in the nav.
Takes ages to decipher the view; but I shall continue exploring and 'shooting pics'! :camera:
The curvature caused by the InvSpherical component reminds
me slightly of the 'bending buidings' scene in 'Inception'!:O_o:

Fullview please....:nod:
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space colonies
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you're right.. O.o its similar with that scene from insception.. btw: this pictures from you are pure AWESOMENESS!
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You latest renders are awesome Mark!!, i see some Gigers
ambiance and i love it
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Thanks Nacho!:D More to come from this location very soon....:nod:
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This is so cool, looks like a scene from the movie inception!
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Think I may have mentioned 'Inception' in the description?;)
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Yeehaaww! Let´s Dance! Is David Bowie aboard!!:-))
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Erm, thanks HJ?!:)
Oh, 'limbo' dancing!:idea: I was actually thinking
of the desolate, hopeless zone where lost souls go!;)
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Yes! I was going for the limbo! Dancing is always good!:-);-)
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Very great depht...Excellent work Mark..:D
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You need to model some ships for this! :D Awesome piece! :w00t:
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That's something I've been considering for a while
now Vicky, think ZBrush might be the way to go;
what do you reckon?:O_o:
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ZBrush is more for sculpting, I'd go with Blender, C4D, Maya, 3DS MAX, etc. Those are more for modeling :D
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Think I would feel more comfortable actually 'sculpting' ships, then adding
texture, colour, greeble etc elsewhere....:nod:
Thanks for the advice Vicky.:thanks:
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You have to texture/color/greeble in ZBrush too, and it's WAY easier to manipulate vertices/edges/faces than to sculpt something :D
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Gorgeous. The structure on the far right reminds so much i386 die, it's scary. Great stuff!
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Thanks Phil!:D
Take it you're referring to an i386 processor chip?
Don't know what they look like, but I'll take your
word for it mate!:nod:
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Here's a pic of the die (the internal wafter with all the transistor layouts). It's not a great pic, but it should give you an idea.
A larger layout pic is here: [link] but it doesn't convey what the actual physical chip looks like.
Again, very cool image!
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You're quite right Phil, the similarity is quite remarkable!:nod:
Fractals are everything, and everything is fractal....;)
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That is absolutely intense!! :thumbsup:
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Cheers Trevor!:bow: Me like 'intense'!;)
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Wow, this is epic to say the least. It is like an abandoned sci fi mall. You can feel the emptiness of this fractal. Well doneQ
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