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KomputerKonstruktion II

By MarkJayBee
Mandelbulb 3D v1.8.9…

ABoxVSShapes/SierpHilbert (x2)/_reciprocalX2

My first successful piece using the new Volumetric Lighting feature in the latest version
of Mandelbulb 3D. A fair bit of fiddling involved to get 'right', but definitely well worth the
effort! Light positioning seems to be quite crucial, as does the actual colour (?!) and
intensity of the light.

Based on my original piece, 'KomputerKonstruktion 1'

A larger version of this piece can be viewed, and prints purchased at:… :nod:
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YuryKyssa's avatar
Mark, once missed this work. A very powerful impression! Great!!!:D (Big Grin) 
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much Yury - glad you like it! :D
WHOUUAAA... *______*
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks again Rui! ;) :D
GypsyH's avatar
Your work is so amazing.
MarkJayBee's avatar
:aww: Thanks Sherry! :bow: :D
pfrancke's avatar
yes - that light is fantastic!!!
MarkJayBee's avatar
Glad you think so Piet - thanks for commenting mon ami! ;) :bow: :D
segura2112's avatar
Very cool, feels like a very old city. Thank You
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks Tony, and you're very welcome! ;) :bow:
Topas2012's avatar
You are super talented ... Are you human? 
This is out of this world... Just amazing isn't enough to say how great is this piece...
Super nicely done:)
MarkJayBee's avatar
Last time I checked, I did seem to be quite human Sergio!! :nod: ;)
Glad you like my work so much! :bow:
Mark-Tamaro's avatar
So beautiful. It almost looks like an underwater scene. Nice colors and light.
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks very much Mark! :D
DsyneGrafix's avatar
A True Masterpiece!!!!!!
MarkJayBee's avatar
Cheers Ricky! :bow: Sorry for the delay in replying! :ashamed:
Mark-Rezyka's avatar
Good work as usual Mark.
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks Mark! :bow: Sorry for taking so long to reply - busy IRL. :nod:
mac2010's avatar
Totally amazing!!!
MarkJayBee's avatar
Aww, c'mon and get down with it bud - shouldn't that be 'totes amaze'?!! ;)
Cheers John! :D
mac2010's avatar
Haha, Widnae say that phrase if yae paid me lol, How aboot, purededbrulliant byraway!!! :D
MarkJayBee's avatar
Whit kind of talk is that now? :lmao: ;)
mac2010's avatar
Thats Weegie for very good!! :D
Starsong-Studio's avatar
I would like to feature your great image on my visual arts blog on Amazing Stories - [link] - credited and with a link back to the image on DA, of course!
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 August - you'll be able to find it by following the link above.
Please let me know if this is NOT ok with you! :) Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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