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Ixian Manufactories 1

Mandelbulb 3D v1.8.9:…

DEcombinate in InvMax mode using: transform2IFS/cylinderIFS/RandCubesIFS/trans-qIFS/TilingIFS/Menger3

"Many new machines on Ix, better than those on Richesse...."

My thanks to :icongrungetv: whose excellent 'Quanadium Steel' I used as a diff map here.

A larger version of this piece can be viewed, and prints purchased at:… :nod:
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Glad you think so Luca! :D
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Nice picture from the Dune!
I am remaking a fan-made expansion to Dune card game. Would you give a permission of using your Dune pictures in the cards?
I you do, what name or alias you would like to use in card credits?…
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Glad you like my work Pauli. :) However, I do not work for free alas; if you send me a note,
perhaps we can discuss your use of my images further. I have bookmarked your page and
will follow your game card development with interest....:nod:
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Thats ok! 
This has been interesting project so far. Three years has passed on, and I did make card templates and one Finnish friend (Wille Ruotsalainen) make new house icons and did some modifications to them.
Now the background stuff is ready and I am looking for and making art by my self to those cards... I have some contacts to Finninsh art teachers, so I will ask if some of them will offer their pupils a chance to make some art to this adventure. :-) But there are so many cards in the set, so I am also looking any other areas where to find makers with artistic skills. 
I hope that I have all cards ready in year 2016, but not it all depends on how much I can get contacts to people who are willing to make free art just for the fun of it. So this project may need a little bit more time than that.
In anyway some cards will be released to other people as soon as some of them are ready, so quite soon there should be open to see in the Internet. 

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Love it, I thought there was a Dune reference in some of your titles. Thank You
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Your art is absolutely spectacular! Such detail, precision and accuracy - I am astounded :D
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Thanks, glad you like my work! :bow: :D
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terrific , some pretty excellent shapes in there 
MarkJayBee's avatar
Thanks again Tim - I'll probably revisit this, and fiddle about some more with it. :plotting:
Lot's of scope in there I reckon. :nod:
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I think so.. i;m sure you could get a nice set from this :) 
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Excellent work with exceptional lighting Sir Mark. :D
I can imagine there must have been some colossal discovery happen at that very moment!
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Thanks Kev'! :bow: Certainly something explosive I reckon!! ;)
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I like the lighting in this 
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Glad you do! :nod: Thanks! :D
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Truly regal, lovely fractal! Excellent work, Mark! 
Thanks for the link to 'GrungeTV' his works. It was a interesting discovery. His works in Cinema4D are absolutely top class.
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Thanks again Beke! :D Yeah, his work is consistently excellent! :nod:
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Interesting portrayal.
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Thanks, glad you find it so! :nod:
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