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By MarkJayBee
Mandelbulb 3D v1.75.6 Beta

DEcombinate using:
waveIFS/SierpHilbert (x2)/_reciprocalX2

The 'wave' d.IFS seems to produce reasonably realistic ripples,
sure there must be some way of introducing more natural perturbations though....must play with it some more....:plotting:

Fullview please....:nod:
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The reflections of the ripples on the bronze metal sides of the building, the multitude of shafts and pipes and the lighting itself reminds me of the breaking of dawn. This is :eyecandy:
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The reflections are pretty much an integral part of the whole
composition; since the introduction of this feature to M3D, I've
found reflections can be used to add an extra bit of depth,
even when they're not particularly obvious.:nod:
Glad you like this one! :bow:
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Cheers again Doriano! :D
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Thanks again Col!:D
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My pleasure Mark :D
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I wanted to do a gnarly with difs but man, Jesse uses a weird notation ... I am lazy on learning it :cries:
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With the amount of formulas you've churned out Luca,
'lazy' is definitely not the right word mate!!;)
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Makes a cool watery scene! :D
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Thanks Leonie - that was indeed the intention, glad it works for you! :nod: :bow:
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That wave d.IFS is pretty cool isn't it, nicely done man, I need to do some more messin with those.
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Indeed Len! Saw - and faved! - your piece using wave dIFS,
love the 'chrome' look you've achieved there mate! :thumbsup: :D
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Funny thing about the chrome look, it was a duller flat Copper until I thought about adding a MoJo BG with Bright blue sky and orange Sunset then the Chrome reflects just were Bam.
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wow mark awesome piece
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Cheers Darren! :D
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Waves did come out nice. :)
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