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Mandelbulb 3D v1.9.0 ALPHA1

DEcombinate in Min mode using: SphereHeightMap/_invspherical/_PolyFold-sym/ABoxPlatinum/Sierpinski3/_boxtiling/_reciprocalY3

No particular back story with this one I'm afraid folks - although I hope it may set some imaginations running out there?
I really wanted to get a feeling of movement, and a sense of edging slowly into a potentially hazardous situation with this piece....

You can now view an interactive 360º Panoramic version of 'Infiltration' on my website at:…  Enjoy! ;)

A larger version of this piece can be viewed, and prints ordered at:… :nod:

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This belongs amongst the select group of Mandelbulb 'scenes' that could potentially relate to 'the Culture' of Iain M. Banks. I think the penetration of the 'shell world' Sursamen might be apposite:

The Inner Two Levels Of Sursamen

Yours would be a lot better than mine!

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Really cool, I'd love to know how to get a different background in mandelbulb besides sky blue. I've only used it once or twice and on a cruddy laptop. If I had my high end PC I'm sure itd be much easier to navigate

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Thanks Marije! :bow: :D
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Excellent!!  Dynamic, atmospheric and strong structures.
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Thanks Jerry - much appreciated! :bow: :D
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nice sense of tilt which lends to a sense of momentum 
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Yeah, level horizons are so 'flat'! ;)
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Awe-inspiring stuff!
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Cool, this feels like wreckage from something that happened long ago. Thank You
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Thanks Tony! :D Yeah, I see what you mean; it could indeed be an ancient piece of wreckage
from a long de-orbited space structure. :nod: 
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Great work !! it s free to use?
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Edit: by which of course I mean the software is free to use; however, the artwork is copyrighted
under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Please ask for my permission if you wish to use this image.
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Thanks very much! :D Indeed it is, download Mandelbulb3D v1.8.9x2 from:… Enjoy! :thumbsup:
Also have a look at the 'Tutorials and Resources' folder in the Mandelbulb3D group to get you started. :nod:
Feel free to join while you're there - I run it! ;)
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Glad you do! ;) Thanks! :bow:
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That looks like Cybertron from Transformers
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