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GravingYards Pano

Mandelbulb 3D v1.9.0 ALPHA1

DEcombinate in Min mode using: SphereHeightMap (x3)/_PolyFoldsym/ABoxPlatinum/Sierpinski3/_boxtiling/_reciprocalY3

This is a 360°x180° interactive 'equirectangular panorama' version of my previous 

This image is 
not the finished article; to view the actual interactive panorama, just 
click the image on my webpage at:… :thumbsup:
then use your mouse/finger 
to move the image around and zoom. 

Fullscreen works best, just click the icon at top right of the Pano image. Nod

Enjoy! Thumbs Up:D (Big Grin)
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nicely presented : )
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Glad you like it Marije - thanks! :D
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Roses and Heart by KmyGraphic you're very welcome Mark
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You're very welcome Tony! ;) :D
Hi! I am new to deviant. Just found this pic by browsing for equirectangular. Wanted to use some of them to create skyboxes, but I am not sure and cant find any terms of license on the pics. Are the pics on deviant free to use even commercial or do I have to ask authors? Btw great work Markjaybee
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Hi, and welcome to dA. :) Glad you like my work.
Allow me to state very firmly that none of my pieces are free to use, and all are covered by a 
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
Should you wish to use any of my images, please send me a personal note, and we can certainly
discuss things further 'koppi' (?) man. :O_o:
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oh wow magnificient!
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Thanks very much Janet! :wave: :D
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Amazing! Excellent! ;) :thumbsup:
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Thanks Tony, glad you enjoyed it mate! ;) :nod:
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Most welcome Mark ;)
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Thanks Talat! :D
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Youtube allows pano videos now, do you think you'll make a video with this?:meow:
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I did notice that, but I use a specific site which generates interactive Pano's
automatically from 360 equirectangular images, and allows integration into my own site.
Youtube will only accept self generated .swf's produced using generic software. :nod: 
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:clap: An animation please!
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Wish I could oblige Jost, but I'm afraid my old machine just wouldn't handle
the pressure mate, so a Pano is all I can supply at present! :shrug: ;) Cheers! :D
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I understand. Keep it in mind 'til you get a new machine. ;)
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