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Mandelbulb 3D v1.8.2 [link]

DEcombinate in Min mode using: SphereHeightMapIFS/SierpHilbert (x2)/_reciprocalX3

Just had to give you guys - and me!! - a closer view of my previous 'GSV MainBay II'

:iconcapstoned: has animated this image, check it out!

Fullview please....:nod:
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So atmospheric! Love it.
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erm....thanks! ;)
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Cool image. Banks would approve, I am sure!
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Thanks JR - glad you think so mate! :D
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Somewhere out there Banks is smiling on this
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It would be nice to think so....:nod: Thanks! :D
Marvellous !! *__*
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Thanks Rui, glad you think so! :D
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This Is So Cool - It Looks Just Like A Spaceship In A Docking Port.  Awesome!!!
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Thanks very much Rolando - and for the 'mention' too! :bow:   Honorable Mention Medal + PLZ
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WOW! with all my mandelbulb browsing how did I never find your works til now? great stuff!
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Dunno Tammy, but I'm pleased you did! :wave: Glad you like my work! :D
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WoW! Love it!
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Thanks Debbie! :bow:
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that's an early Culture ship if ever I saw one! Idiran War vintage.
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Yup, GCU aboard the 'Ends of Invention' perhaps? :O_o: Thanks. :D
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zuperb!!! all your new stuff!!!
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