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Mandelbulb 3D v1.7.2 + Sky in Bryce/PS


With thanks to :iconaureliuscat: for introducing me to the delights of
the _PolyFolding transform! Derived from his params for 'Guards'… :)

Fullview please....:nod:
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I´ve made this [link] playing with your params.
thanks for share it.
Peace and be wild.
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Very cool 'crystalline' looking tweak Miguel!:thumbsup:_:D
'Peace and be wild' to you too!!;)
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I borrowed (and subsequently changed) your params and made this image: [link]
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Nicely tweaked version!:thumbsup:
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Hi I don't remember telling you but I posted a work a little while back and I used these params. It's a fractal manip. [link] :handshake:
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Nice one Gary!:thumbsup:__:)
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Thanks, glad you think so!:bow:
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It's so cool...powerful picture!
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Thanks a lot, glad you think so!:D
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Very nice perspective!
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Great one Mark! That's an awesome structure! =D
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Thanks Larry, glad you like it mate!:D
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My pleasure! I used your params here. [link] =D
Lovely Menger Spider Mark!
I actually used polyfolding in my forum-series... Seems to give very varied and nice results...
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Cheers Johan!:D
Think I've found a new toy! Will be exploring it's
potential for some time to come I suspect!:sherlock:_;)
Am I correct in thinking you used polyfolding on your
'Chasmic Pentagons of Trantor' piece?:O_o:
Really love that image!:thumbsup:
That could be right... not sure... But it does look like the shapes of an "ordinary" amazing box with five-symmetry instead of four.
I will see if I have the parameters still...
Thank you! :D
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Wow! :faint: This looks like the ending of a game where the final boss lives. Well done!
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Thanks Jamie!:D
Yeah, or that 007 movie with the big undersea city thingy?:O_o:
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