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KOS-MOS Tutorial

More tutorials coming over hereeee [link]

With the upcoming con season, I am not sure when ill be able to get around to actually finishing this tutorial.

The Layout is bad, im sure there are lots of spelling errors.

But the information is there.

So enjoy, until I post the finished one... hahaha.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :D
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CelestialCalista's avatar
Awesome. I've always wondered about these parts.
KikiSuBunny's avatar
Oh my god....YES!
And that really sucks that the person killed the kos-mos armor ) :
By any chance I know this is sort of old but are you still trying to continue this tutorial?
Masha05's avatar
sorry, where i can buy this....object pink? xD and wich is the name?
criscura's avatar
Thank you SO MUCH!!! :glomp:
starspiriturisco's avatar
Thanks for making this tutorial I'm actually going to be making this costume very soon and this gave me a few more idea's on what to do. Can I please ask what kind of boot issue's you had?
Markiemark425's avatar
what issues didnt we have... because of the material and design we had a hell of a time getting them to stay up on her leg. standing was fine, but walking would cause them to slide. Also, they were extremely uncomfortable for the girl to wear. so make sure you find a pair that is comfortable lol
starspiriturisco's avatar
well I actually already know a very easy way to get around the keeping them up issue. I've used it on sleeves or other boot covers I'll share it with you cause it come's in handy for many things. What you do is put a peice of spandex about 1/2 inch down and just hand stitch it on but only on each side that way there's no seem line and it also wont look as if it's bunching up in one area and you won't be able to see the part where your skin basically gets squished a bit xP. it works really nice for holding up many things.
DenWingZero's avatar
Is there any more tutorials for this? Plan to make a crossplay of Kos-mos and this will help out a lot
Markiemark425's avatar
Hey there! Not yet, but I will eventually finish it!
Brassassin's avatar
Sweet! I've been waiting to see a KOS-MOS cosplay tutorial be done. Can't wait to see the finished version of this. Maybe once I lose some more weight, I'll cosplay as her.
KoryXIII's avatar
We want the second part! >:3 xD
Great tutorial, it explains method very well ^^
This is another of my "want-to-try-soon" list, so thanks for the tutorial! :P
Markiemark425's avatar
I know I know, ive been so lazzzzy.. well more busy with cosplay, life, and work. but one day i will finish it! :)
KoryXIII's avatar
Oh, lazyness... what a bad company :P
Hope cosplay, life and work goes great! ^^
I'll be waiting for the second part! :P
AmyLeeYummy's avatar
this is fantastic thanks for putting it up ^^
BubblesSonamyluv's avatar
this is really amazing!! i saw the kos-mos cosplay on your website which came out great!!! :D

i actually would love to cosplay as kos-mos and my friend as t-elos but it looks pretty difficult! when you finish this, please let me know! i would love to see everything step by step on how to make this! :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:

im also sorry to hear about that girl destroying the kos-mos cosplay! i would be soooo mad :\ if that were me, i would treasure someone making such an amazing cosplay for me with such care! :heart:
MonchanDesu's avatar
I've been wanting to make this version of Kosmos since I first bought the game. It would mean a lot to me if you could finish this. I don't care about spelling errors T_T It's just my dream cosplay..
Markiemark425's avatar
Haha I WILL finish the tutorial, probably after Otakon. Thats when all the con panic will slow down. You can check out for all of our tutorials. We will post the finished kosmos tutorial there first!
MonchanDesu's avatar
Okay!! Thank you so much!
TheyCallMeCait's avatar
When you're ready to make the finished version, let me know. I will spell check it for you!

Also, I should probably complement this with a tutorial on the dress/boots.
TheAtlanticGundam's avatar
Great work. You really know your way around on making cosplays!
Markiemark425's avatar
haha thanks buddy!
TheAtlanticGundam's avatar
The KOS-MOS Cosplayer will there again?
Markiemark425's avatar
nope. we kicked her from our group.

as far as i know she doesn't cosplay anymore
TheAtlanticGundam's avatar
Bummmer. So who's doing KOS-MOS now?
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