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Green Hornet: Blood Ties 2n3

By MarkHRoberts
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Pages 2-3 from issue 1 of Green Hornet: Blood Ties from Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Ande Parks
Pencils by Johnny Desjardins
Colors by me.
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sparring practice... OK cool,
 other viable alts
Kato fighting off sleeping pills/other drugs/ a fever of 128 and/or other serious diseases...
Kato had just before beat down 200 ninja, 150 samurai and 347 random gangsters and several dogs by himself then some dude dressed as the Hornet comes up and cold cocks him...
Kato LET G.H. hit him...

finally, that's simply not Kato
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rw:why r they fighting?
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Just friendly sparring practice.
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rw:i guess thats what it looks like
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This would never happen...Kato would destroy The Hornet!!
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igot it. there not really fighting, they're just sparing.
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Mind control possibly?
GH is acting on orders from an evil mastermind who has him under a spell so Kato can't cut loose on him.
Or the reverse could be true...
Maybe it's Kato under the influence of mind control drugs...and thus his fighting abilities are impaired...making it a (theoretically) even fight.
OR!...they're both under the influence of an evil mastermind and socking each other helps them to shake off the effects of the mind control drug.
Or! evil voodoo witch doctor has possessed their bodies using voodoo dolls and is making them fight to the death.
OR...GH is a republican and Kato is a democrat.
OR...Kato wants to marry Barbara Streisand and won't shut up about it.
Or...Kato ate a bowl of Honey Nut Shetbags.
Or...Kato changed all the radio presets in the Black Beauty to NPR.
Or...GH needs to have Kato pulverize his face in order to bail out of an upcoming date with an ugly girl...but Kato is reluctant to pound him so GH is trying to force the issue.
Or...GH and Kato have been cloned by an arch villain who has conspired to pair them off with each other's clones while they were momentarily seperated during a warehouse fight...but GH notices a scar missing from Kato's neck and discovers the truth and decides to sucker punch the Kato clone before the clone can use it's martial arts skills to open up a can of Jeet-Clone-Do whupass on him.
OR...sleep fighting due to overwork (It could happen!).
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" up a can of Jeet-Clone-Do..." 
lol! very nice.
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LMFAO!! that was hilarious. how about:
OR: kato pissed gh of sogh got him into a fighting situation.
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All I can say is: Unless this is one of Green Hornets brilliant plans, a facade or an act, then this scene is total shit. I love the art though, really good drawing and inking as well as coloring. But art doesn't change the fact that to see GH socking Kato is total bullshit. It's WAY out of characterization, as these two would never find themselves in that situation. They're far above that.

Maybe this scene is extracted out of context from a plot where one of these guys is a fake?
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