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Wally Warbles (Request) by MarkHoofman Wally Warbles (Request) by MarkHoofman
"I fly where eagles dare!"

"My dad's the brawn and I'm all brains! Together, we bring the pain."

Requested by

I had a lot of fun drawing this guy and his son! I honestly loved how these two came out in the end! Drawing Wally reminded me so much of drawing Mordecai from Regular Show, a show I dearly miss. Happy cry (Tears of joy)

While I was drawing this, I even came up with a backstory for Wally, who unfortunately like Werner also has a tragic backstory... Oh Noes

In short if you don't want to read the fully summary of what I came up with, I believe the reason why Wally made a deal with The Devil was to become a stronger father, capable of raising his newborn son on his own after tragically losing his wife.

On their way home,  Wally and his wife bring home food to store in preparation of their unborn child, currently an egg, awaiting for them in the nest close by. However as they fly home, a bald eagle glares at them on a mountain close by with evil intentions, concerning Wally and later his wife as they notice the eagle staring at them. Wally nervously believes the eagle won't cause any trouble at first, until the Eagle attacks him and his wife. Unable to defend his family and for himself due to his weak body, Wally is easily knocked out of the fight, forcing his wife to fend for herself while he helplessly watches. The Eagles quickly overpowers Wally’s wife in their fight, managing to wound her badly. She collapsed on the ground, as Wally immediately goes to aid her.

Wally quickly realizes she's dying, as she asks Wally in her will of her dying breaths to take care of their unborn child in her absence. Wally, panicking and confused while bursting into tears, begs that he can't raise their child alone, he can't do this without her and he has no experience in raising a child before. However despite his pleas, his wife succumbs to her wounds and dies. Wally emotionally mourns her lost with waterfalls of tears, before panicking. Several emotions cloud his mind as he worries about the future of his child now that he is an only parent. However, Wally finds on the ground below his feet a slightly aged paper advertising The Devil’s Casino. Wally looks at the ad with curiosity, fascinated by the Casino.

That night, he flies off to the Casino, wandering in the game rooms filled with greedy people gambling. He walks around alone, scared and in seek of help. The Casino’s Manager, King Dice, notices this, introduces himself before helping Wally in escorting him around the casino to his boss, The Devil. Wally begs The Devil for his help, claiming his current position and wanting to be able to raise his child on his own and have the strength to be a strong father and protect his child at all costs.

The Devil, pretending to feel sympathetic to his cause, claims he knows the kind of position Wally is in now as an only parent, offering his help to him. He claims payment was only the matter to seek his help, in which Wally sorrowfully replies he has no money. The Devil claims however he does have something else of offer to pay with. The Devil summons a contract, claiming all Wally has to do was sign, in which he snatches the contract out of his hands almost immediately, startling The Devil. Wally signs his name on the contract, before The Devil delighted shouts that his soul now belonged to him.

Wally however, quickly flees with his contract as he crashes through one of the windows of the casino before flying off in a hurry. The Devil yells at his flying minions to not let Wally escape, as a flying horde of minions chase after Wally. Wally is able to evade the minions and return to his nest in the morning.

As the sun rises, the egg suddenly begins to crack. Wally, both panicking and excited watches as the egg cracks open, revealing his newborn baby bird, a boy! Wally overwhelmed with happiness stares at his newborn son with tears of joy. The baby boy awakes and looks up at his father, smiles, calling him “Mama!”, confusing Wally immediately. Wally quickly corrects him and teaches his son to call him by his proper title, “Daddy”. Over time, their relationship would grow bigger.

Wally realizes over the course of many months that he somehow knew all the skills in raising his newborn son. He also found out he got much stronger, being able to finally defend for himself and his family as he was able to find the same eagle who killed his wife and beat him badly, as he now was able to soar where the eagles dared!

A year passes and one morning Wally Jr. shows his father his newest invention, a ray gun. Wally is proud and impressed by his sons work, surprised at how smart his son had gotten over the year. However, the sound of plane engines ring in the distance, as Wally turns around and notices two planes heading towards the nest. Wally calls out to them in a positive manner, asking if they came to see the “early bird” believing they're just traveling by like most planes as they pass through this part of the Isles.

However the red planes driver, engages his mounted guns in attack mode. Wally noticed this and frantically tells his son to get inside his birdhouse.

Wally soars up in front of the planes, asking what they wanted from him. The red one angrily calls out they're here for his soul contract. The blue driver nervously warns the red driver not to anger Wally. Wally realizes the drivers are the two boys from the newspaper, claiming they don't understand the truth behind why he made his deal. Cuphead ignores him, simply calling him out as a “cockodoodley”.

Wally, suddenly enraged with a temper tantrum, grits his teeth and scolds at Cuphead’s insult before he springs his head into his birdhouse before the cuckoo clock goes off. Wally's head springs back out of the house, as he squawks loudly at the two boys, beginning the fight.

Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think since this the first time I've drawn Wally and Wally Jr.!  I am a dummy! 

Wally Warbles and Junior (C) Cuphead, Studio MDHR
ReverseBeartrapZ Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
Beautiful! I have to say, you draw Wally and his son very well. ;)

I also have a similar headcanon to yours, in that Wally sold his soul to protect his son. :)
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Student Artist
Thank you! :D

I think most can agree Wally did it simply to protect his family, not for personal gain or wealth like most of the debtors. ;)
ReverseBeartrapZ Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
You're welcome. ^^
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