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The Return of Doodlebob Villians Poster by MarkHoofman

Universal Chronicles


"The Return of Doodblebob"

*NOTE: The following crossover fanfiction story takes place after the events of my first crossover story "The End of The Universe", which can be viewed here:…

Victory Party

Gumball: The end.

The gang stared at him, jaw dropped. Beerus however, was unamused. He yawned.

Beerus: That story has bored me, I could really use a nap.

Beerus walked to his bedroom, stretching his arms out.

Whis: So, do you guys think you're ready to begin your training with me? You were quite successful with King Kai, but with my advance training and teaching you'll become powerful enough that you might even surpass Lord Beerus’ level! So, are you ready?

Spongebob and Patrick: Yes sir!

Beerus: And whatever you do, don't do anything stupid while I'm asleep.  

Beerus slammed the bedroom doors shut.

Spongebob: Dude, we are going to party so hard tonight.

Spongebob and Patrick high fived as a dumb smile appeared on both of their faces.

Whis: I'll get the ginger sauce!

*music starts:…

That night, loud music blared out the temple as purple, blue, and magenta light filled and flashed across the sky. The guests approached the temple in their finest tuxedos and dresses.

Inside the main ballroom, the tiles from before now glowed with color as the floor was now a disco dance floor. A disco held high above the party, as color spotlights strobed and flashed various colors. Guests danced across the floor, while waiters passed through the crowds holding glass drinks and steaming food and served guests, each rode on swag way boards. Spongebob sat in a booth as Patrick devoured his plate full of juicy shrimp and fries.

Patrick: Best night ever!

Spongebob and Patrick clicked their glasses and took a sip of their sweet cola.

Mordecai: Hey Spongebob, happy victory over Beerus man!

Spongebob: Thanks Mordecai!

Rigby tugs on Mordecai's dress pants, catching his attention.

Rigby: Dude, fireworks are about to start!!

Mordecai gasped as he quickly ran out to the balcony were many others waited as well. The sky was filled with red, yellow, green, blue, and many colorful bursts of fireworks. The crowd cheered as the colorful blasts continued to burst in the air.

Later in the bedroom, Beerus snored as he tossed and turned on his round bed. The faint sound of the loud music shook the room, accidentally setting off one of his hourglass alarm bombs. He grunted, before continuing to snore.

Spongebob pulled out his killer dance moves as he danced with his friends on the dance floor.

Spongebob: Yeah! Show them those moves Patrick!

The crowd cleared the floor to watch as Patrick put his all into his dances. The crowd erupted with cheering.

Spongebob: Crank it up D.J.!

The D.J. cranked up the music louder as the crowd continued to dance.

The bedroom shook ferociously as the walls began to shake beyond belief. Another set of hourglass alarm bombs blew up. Beerus flew and landed on his back hard on the bed. He opened his eyes with angry. He immediately stood up, furious on what exactly was going on. He hopped off his bed and landed on the ground below. He marched to the doors, slamming them open. He puffed and breathed heavily as his anger rised. He gasped as he saw the party sitting in front of him, with Spongebob in the center of the dance floor. He growled with anger as steam began to radiate off him. He ripped the paper off the wall that read “Do not disturb!”, not even taking a glance at it.

Beerus *furious*: SPONGEBOB!!!

Spongebob turned and froze with fear as he saw Beerus pushing people out the way, as a purple aura glowed around him.

Spongebob: Oh no! Patrick, run!!!

Before he could even run, he was tackled to the floor. Beerus punched SpongeBob in the face rapidly in anger as the crowd backed away quickly.

*music stops*

Beerus got up, with anger in his eyes.


The crowd moaned and shouts of anger as they walked out of the party, returning back home.

Dan: Thanks for nothing, jerk!

Dan stormed out as Spongebob got up, brushing off his knees.

Beerus: I go to sleep for one second and you decide to throw a party. And-*gasps* Whis?!! You too?!!

Whis looked at Beerus in shame.

Whis: But their were going to be shrimp all for me!

Beerus: Enough! Either you leave or-!

Something caught Beerus’ attention.

Beerus: Wait, what's this?

Beerus pointed to a lone purple swagway left by a waiter sitting on the floor.

Spongebob: It's a hoverboard…

Beerus curiosity grew as he took a step on the board, but was startled as it moved forward with a beep. It rolled forward out a bit as it beeped again. The board rolled out on the floor until it came to a stop. A giggle came out of Beerus as he rushed over to the board. Now taking another step, he stood up on the board, but began to lean back and forth as the board tried to balance him. He waved his arms around in the air as he tried to stay balanced on the board.

Beerus: Whis! How do you stop this thing?!

Beerus slipped and landed hard on the ground on his back with a thud as the board flew forward. Spongebob bursted with laughter at the scene. Beerus moaned in pain.

Whis stopped the board with his left foot and hopped on, perfectly balanced. He leaned forward and the board moved towards Beerus, stopping once it was in front of him.

Whis: You have to let it balance you, then lean forward to move and lean back slightly to stop. And remember to get off from the back with one foot and then the next.

Whis hopped off, as the board beeped. Beerus got up, rubbing his back.

Beerus: If I fall again, you're dead.

Beerus got up on it quickly, getting unbalanced again. He panicked before remaining still. He leaned forward, immediately stopping once it began to move. He chuckled, now leaning forward again as the board moved at a slow pace. He began to speed up, now softly laughing. He leaned forward more, now getting it to move at full speed. He laughed as wind gushed past his face.

Beerus: *laughs*, this is amazing!

He rode around the ballroom, laughing as he spun in circles before hopping off.

Beerus *happy*: I've never seen a device have so much enjoyment as that! Tell me Spongebob, where can I get one of these?!

Spongebob: The previous owner’s gone, so you can keep it!

Beerus laughed as he hopped back on the swagway board.

Rarity: Hold on now!

Beerus stopped, staring at the white unicorn.

Rarity: These pajamas is no way a god should sleep!

Beerus hopped off the board and stared down at his torn, dirty white pajamas realizing what she meant. Rarity began to rub Beerus’ sides.

Beerus *thinking*: What is this woman doing to me?

Rarity: If you can come back home with me to my boutique, I can get your proportions to make a fresh new pair of pajamas! I'm thinking blue!

Beerus: You'd do that for me?

Rarity: Of course, darling!

Beerus: Whis, take us to this boutique of the lady, the god of destruction wants his new pajamas!

Whis: Certainly, but first put your normal clothes on.

Beerus rolled his eyes as he removed his old pajamas, revealing his normal attire underneath.

Beerus: You were saying?

Whis chuckled before tapping his staff on the ground, teleporting them to the boutique.
I apologize for the lack of uploads in recent times, I've been working on a secret project I cannot discuss. Only "he" knows about it, and please do not eavesdrop on us about the project. Besides, theirs a slight chance it may not happen, so be patient.

Shortly after the event of "The End of the Universe", Beerus is bored by Gumball's story to take a nap. Luckily, due to the recent victory SpongeBob has claimed over Beerus that he decides to do the one thing anyone would do, throw a huge party! Hopefully things go as planned!:iconnervous-laughplz: 

BOOK 1 Epilogue:…
Chapter 2:…

And remember, if you +fav , please comment! Thanks for everything! 

SpongeBob, Patrick Star (C) Nickelodeon, Viacom

Lord Beerus, Whis (C) Toei Animation, Funimation

Mordecai, Rigby (C) Regular Show, Cartoon Network

Gumball Watterson (C) The Amazing World of Gumball, Cartoon Network

Rarity (C) My Little Pony, Hub Network

Dan (C) Dan Vs., Hub Network
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Fangsniper1 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016
I just thought of a good title for Beerus. Beerus: defender of whoever the hell has earth food
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Student Artist
Ha! :laugh:
ToonEmpire24 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was hilarious XD! He throws a party during Beerus's nap time, until he wakes up.
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Student Artist
Exactly. :XD:

So what do you expect from this story? :)

And I actually kind of spoiled the new character who will be in this story in that note I sent.  Oh well. ^^;
ToonEmpire24 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I expected something like an omen coming at the heroes.
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Student Artist
Do you remember who Doodlebob was? ;)

If you don't, google him. *SPOILER ALERT* He's the main antagonist. :evillaugh:
ToonEmpire24 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I do, he's a drawn copy of Spongebob.
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Student Artist
Well he's coming back. :fear:

You'll see how in a upcoming chapter. And a new character *that you already know* will play a major part later in the story! :D
ToonEmpire24 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!  I'm hyped now!
MarkHoofman Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Student Artist
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