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The Galactic War Phase 2 Poster by MarkHoofman

Hope is Lost

Spongebob awoke in the same yellow bubble aboard the battleship control room he was trapped in last time, but this time cramped with Emmett.

Spongebob: Silver was right, I am a threat to the future…

Emmett: You should've listen to us, but you didn't. And now what I feared that would happen to us, has happened! Goku, Vegeta, and Lucario are all down, Twilight is dead, and everyone else is trapped back on that planet! And now we're back in the hands of our enemies!

Emmett began to cry as he huddled into a corner of the bubble.

Emmett: Just leave me alone!

Spongebob sighed as he stared out into the depths of space in a window nearby. The battleship slowly made it’s course back to Homeworld.

Back on Truncatis, Lucario sat under a tree, quietly sniffling and wiping his tears. Riolu sat with Mordecai under another tree, both with their heads down in sadness. Goku still laid on the beach, who was still in pain from his fight with Yellow Diamond. Vegeta had washed ashore onto the beach, still unconscious from his fight, but luckily he was still alive.

Silver stared down at the white tarp now covering Twilight's corpse. He lowered his head in shame before whispering something. He walked away from the sight as he sat under a tree, thinking about the future.

Riolu remembered something, something Twilight told him to do. He pulled out the letter she gave him and held it out in front of Mordecai. Mordecai looked at Riolu, confused.

Mordecai: Is this, for me?

Riolu nodded. Mordecai took the letter from Riolu and began to read it.

Riolu excitedly awaited his reaction to the letter, hoping something great was written on the letter. Suddenly, Mordecai teared up.

Riolu stood back, confused.

Riolu: Rio?

Mordecai stood up, dropping the letter as he walked away from Riolu. He walked over to where Lucario sat, immediately punching him in the face. Lucario was thrown off guard as he hit the ground. He got up, confused.

Lucario *telepathy*: Mordecai, what are you doing?!!

Mordecai: You no good, girl stealer!!

He punched Lucario again, making Lucario mad.

Lucario: Stop!!

Mordecai kept punching at Lucario violently, until Lucario sent a straight jab to his gut, ending the fight.

Mordecai clutched his gut in pain as he cried.

Lucario *telepathy*: What are you doing?!

Riolu: Rio!

Lucario turned to see Riolu holding the letter in his hand. Lucario took the letter and read it, now realizing why Mordecai was doing what he was doing. Twilight had chosen Lucario over Mordecai.

Lucario *telepathy*: Mordecai….I'm s-

Mordecai charged off into the jungle, vanishing in sight.

Lucario sighed as he lowered his head in shame. Silver hovered into the air with the cyan glow of his psychokinesis.

Silver: I’m going to look for Mordecai, you guys stay here!

Goku: What do you think we've been doing? *grunts*

Silver flew off from the lake to the treetops of the jungles, searching for Mordecai.

Lucario remained silent, turning his head to the jungle and back to the ground. He quickly looked back at the jungle because he thought he saw something. He was right, as the thing he saw ducked back behind the tree. Lucario walked over and immediately picked up the thing he saw hiding. It was Commander Sorbet, who held his arms up in fear.

Sorbet: No, no! Don't hurt me!!

The other members immediately turned with angered faces once they heard Sorbet’s voice.

Sorbet: I'm only here to know where the hell that shaking was coming from!! Now please let me go!!!

Lucario *telepathy*: We're not going to let you run off into the jungle again! It's bad enough Mordecai’s out there! Now give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you!

Sorbet: OK, ok!! I know you guys are still  trapped on this planet, but my ship is still parked over there past the treeline! I'll take you to it!

Lucario waited a moment before releasing his grip on Sorbet. Sorbet walked over to the treeline nearby the beach, pushing some trees aside to reveal the round circular ship he arrived in. Our heroes were surprised to see Sorbet was right.

Lucario *telepathy*: We're taking your ship.

Sorbet: Yes, do as you please, just don't hurt me!!

Lucario *telepathy*: However, you'll remain captive with us until we place you behind bars!

Sorbet: What?! No way!!

Lucario lifted the small commander into the air yet again.

Lucario *telepathy*: Don't make me ask twice!

Sorbet: Ok, I'll go! Just let me go!

Lucario released his grip on Sorbet as he walked up the drawbridge into the ship. Inside were multiple rooms, each with their own uses. Lucario found the control room of the ship, containing multiple consoles filled with buttons and switches, with a throne behind the consoles, the one Sorbet sat in earlier before.  

Lucario *telepathy*: Can you fly this thing? It is your ship after all.

Sorbet: Uh, but the thing is, I can't. I'm a commander, not a pilot!

Lucario sighed, knowing only a certain someone could fly the ship.

?: Wait!

The two on board shockingly turned around. It was Pearl, who finally returned from the jungle after being told to do so before SSJ3 Goku and Yellow Diamond clashed. The other gems came back as well. Garnet placed Steven in a bed in the medical bay room nearby. He was still unconscious.

Pearl: I can fly this thing! It's easy enough to pilot the Homeworld starships.

Sorbet: Hold on a minute, you're going to let them pilot my ship?!

Lucario: Ignore him, Pearl…

Sorbet gasped in shock as Pearl took control in the middle console. The ship rebooted itself online as the engines warmed up.

Pearl: It's going to be a few minutes, so pack what you can before we leave.

Lucario rushed out, telling the others to hop aboard the ship. Goku stood up slowly as he limped over to the ship. Vegeta awoken, quite confused on what happened.

Vegeta: Kakarot, what happened? I can't remember anything from here other than this planet's environment.

Goku: You got your ass handed to you by Yellow Diamond…

Vegeta: Yellow Diamond?! But how?!

Goku: I'll explain later, just get to the ship…

Silver returned with a grumpy Mordecai at his side. He struggled against Silver’s grasp.

Silver: C’mon, let's go!

The heroes boarded, as Lucario lastly carried Twilight’s tarp-covered body aboard. The ship took off into space, as it left the planet.

Riolu gazed out the window with awe at the twinkling white stars in the vast purple galaxy, for he had never been in space before.

Pearl: Isn't it beautiful? Just millions of galaxies and stars, all filled with beautiful planets and sights you couldn't even imagine.

Lucario *telepathy*: So, how do we track down Yellow Diamond?

Peridot: If we're able to obtain a piece of Homeworld technology, we can hack into their transmission sources and track down the source. Does anyone have a sample?

Silver: No.

Riolu: Rio.

Sorbet: What?

Peridot: Never mind!! Just, hold tight!

Peridot ran off into the hallway.

Lucario *telepathy*: Tell me Commander, what exactly is this technology surrounding us? And what's that device on your head?

Sorbet smirked.

Sorbet: What we’re standing on right now is a newest and latest model of transportation for our leader, our troops, and our entire force! This ship just so happens to belong to me. It houses two medical bay's, locker room with spare armor, and many other rooms as well as holding a two-man pod.

Lucario: Medical Bay?! Silver, put Goku and Vegeta in the healing tanks!

Silver nodded before carrying Goku and Vegeta off to the medical bays.

Silver: That's it, baby steps…

Lucario sighed as he picked up Twilight's body covered by the white tarp.

Lucario *telepathy*: I'm going to take Twilight to the closest Galactic Morgue I can find and ship her off back home, I'll call you once the funeral’s planned. I'll be back.

Lucario teleported to the pod and flew off into the depths of space. Mordecai watched him leave silently in anger as he stared out the window.

Pearl: You ok, Mordecai?

Mordecai remained silent, Pearl sighed.

Pearl: Only if we all would remain together in a perfect world, is that all I ask for?

The starship flew onward into the purple depths of space.

Unfortunately the phase 2 poster is still in the WIP stage, so I'm using the normal one for now. Sweating a little... 

SpongeBob (C) Nickelodeon, Viacom

Emmet (C) The LEGO Movie

Mordecai (C) Regular Show, Cartoon Network

Silver The Hedgehog (C) SEGA

Lucario, Riolu (C) Pokémon, Nintendo

Goku, Vegeta, Sorbet (C) 
Funimation, Toei Animation

Steven, Pearl, Peridot, Yellow Diamond (C) Steven Universe, Cartoon Network

Chapter 14 Part 2:…
Chapter 16:…
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