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Of Air and Fire

Another drawing I did, from around 2006.
It is a character portrait of a D&D character form an old friends campaign. If memory serves, she was an Air Genasi / Dragon-blooded / Elf Hybrid, and member of an elite warrior caste (or something like that.)

0.3 HB Tech pencil on A4 drawing paper.
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please teach me how to shade so smooth, but still so accurately. I used to swipe the pencil with my finger but it's too big for that now so everything ends in chaos. I'd really love to understand how
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Sorry for the late reply. I would love to help you. It's all about pencil pressure really, and layers of soft pressure.
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So you really possess the motorics to scribble so softly? That's amazing! I really thought you swiped the pencil. Well I am tryong to shade this way too but it isn't as delicate as yours
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Just takes a lot of practice ;) You'll get there if you stick with it ^^
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great job! :hug: jjang!! :thumbsup:
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Thank you so much :)
xXBaKaZaRUXx's avatar
you're very welcome, bb~ :hug:
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I absolutely love this piece I think it's the best of your pieces (In my opinion). I was really stuck on picking a favorite between this piece and "Helm"... but the feeling is just so different between pieces is like apples to oranges abit. In the end I chose this picture in the long run because of several factors.
First I'd have to say I really like ow you made the character look otherworldly without doing anything overtly drastic such as lightning charged eyes, giant dragon teeth, ect... Yet, one look and you know she's different. The pose also speaks volumes of her personality.
I also have to say that breastplate alone could be one of the best things you've drawn that I've seen. It's hard to add that level of fine detail without making it cluttered.
Finally, the sword, it's hard to draw a realistic sword blade on without it looking like an épée.
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Thank you so much! :)
It is hard to actually reply to this comment, except I am really glad you like it and I love the in depth analysis :)
Yeah, getting a sword to look good or like a "sword" in that angle and not an épée is really hard.
Thanks again and Thank you for the Fave :)
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very fine work bro! :thumbsup:
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Thanks :)
Need to get back to my pencils soon... Can't let the wacom take over my life :p
That really is fantastic mark really love that detail especially on the chestplate looks simply amazing!
markg's avatar
Thanks :D
I am quite happy with the chestplate, design wise. It sort of differs a bit from the run of the mill, if you know what I mean :)
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You drawing style is amazing!
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Thank you :)
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amazing work mark wow the clothing is so fantastic and detailed :clap:
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Thanks, Kat :)
I do like my details and custom clothing :p
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