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Arc Reactor Technical Drawing

A technical drawing of Tony Stark's minaturized arc reactor. Done old-school with a technical drawing set and a protractor. All measurements are prescise, so it's perfect for aiding in the construction of an accurate replica. ( thats what i drew it for) If anyone creates a model using this blueprint I would love to see it!

I've gotten a lot of suggestions for metric values so, here ya go!
Metric Values:
3"= 76.2mm
4/10"= 10.16mm
9/10"= 22.86mm
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faltan como 250 páginas sobre configuraciones químicas del paladio
faltan como 250 páginas sobre configuraciones químicas del paladium
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I like it!That's the feeling!
Would you mind if I used this as a background design element for a metal plaque I'm making for a friend to display with his replica? I can post a pic when completed.
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This is AMAZING!!!!!

Hope you don't mind, did a 3D model based on this here:


I made sure to credit you.

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Because of the popularity of this piece I'm beginning work on a more exact/detailed/authentic version of the piece! Sorry to all the people who requested metric values, Stark Industries is a US based company, so for the sake of realism I'm sticking to inches. :D (I'll still provide metric equivalents though) Also, if I can, I'll include more of the reactor side-view for prop-builders.
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What's this? another wallpaper in the making I hear? :D
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Oh, this is incredible!
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Absolutely amazing! I hope it's ok, but I used this in a wallpaper: [link]

Let me know what you think! (or if you want me to remove it :D)
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No problem at all! The wallpaper looks great. in fact, I think its gonna be the new wallpaper on my gaming PC!
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Awesome! I'm glad you enjoy it! I can't say that I wasn't a little nervous on your reaction :D
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haha no worries, I didnt want to scare anyone with the whole creative commons thing (ive just had some plagiarizing problems), i enjoy seeing other peoples interpretations/uses of my work!
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This is a neat sketch and design scale. Mind if I borrow it?
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Not at all, as long as ya give me credit where it's due, I'd like to see your result!
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I've manage to create two and a half reactors. They're for my prototypes but one of them is small. I probably wouldn't gone far without your design.

The results will come in soon.
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Cool i cant wait to see them!
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I manage to create about six of them. They'll be finish once I deal with that bitch of a tank I'm fixing up. :D
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I would vey much like it if you could get a millimeter. If its not too much to ask!
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Sorry its taken me so long to post the metric conversions, but they're finally in the description! Thanks for the reminder!
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this is cool!!! ^^
i like that it's done by hand and not in autocad or some other program :) looks more creative!
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