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i was wondering about that too?
Sorry for the late response. Most of us aren't online at the same time anymore and it takes 2 people to accept submissions to the group so most of it pretty much expires. And our founder kinda disappeared haven't heard from her in a very long time. 

Were re trying to regroup and find everyone again to properly get the group going again. Thank you for your concern very much appreciate it 
thanks for your answer! ah, that's sad to hear... i see. if you could change the settings to only one person needed for accepting submissions or automatically accept submissions that would be helpful i guess - i don't know if that's an option though. 
anyways, i hoqe you'll be able to get the group going again - that would be very nice! :-) good luck!
The thing is that is an option but I believe only our founder can do that. We previously had that setting on but some of us just hit accept before actually reviewing that the artwork is going in the right folder so we changed it to two. But the only one who can change it is the founder and well. She's been gone for a while as far as I know so I don't know what's going to happen to the group. But thank you for your concern we really appreciate it. 
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Por favor, ¿este grupo está vivo? Muchas Gracias.

Please, is this group still alive? Thanks very much
Right now we aren't exactly the most active. Some of us are online but right now we are trying to regroup and get things to back the way they were. A lot of the time only one of us online and we need multiple people to go through submissions. So lots of submissions have gotten expired.

We are in need of active administrators if you would like to note our founder. We do need the extra help.