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Another year :)

2 min read
Hello all :)

I would just like to take the time to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. 
Well, that is another birthday done. Another year older.
I suppose I should be extra grateful about having this birthday since I seem to have had a heart attack sometime near the end of August early September.
I remember feeling really crappy one day and it was hard to breath at one point in the day for 30 minutes, but that feeling passed.  I felt a bit off for the rest of that day, but after that I felt like myself, just a little bit more tired perhaps.
I went to the doctors to have it all checked out and they ran a bunch of tests and stuff.  They sent me to a cardiologist and it was during some of those tests that it looked like I had suffered a heart attack due to some of the reading they were getting from looking at my heart.
Strange, because I always thought you'd have a sharp pain in your chest or some other pain when having a heart attack.  Oh well, you learn new something every day. 
Anyways, still a few more tests to have done to get more firm answers about things. However I am starting to feel a bit better with some of the medication they have given me thus far. 
Well, can't dwell on what has happened, time to just look ahead and move on. 
I have a new project with IDW I'm currently working on.  It is 2 issues of Transformers Galaxies which will feature a story staring Cliffjumper.
I'm excited to be working on it and working with Transformers again :)
Then there are a few others things I can't talk about that I'm working on, but I will let everyone know when able.
Again, thanks for the Birthday wishes.
All the best to everyone

Take care :)
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Thanks Everyone

1 min read
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Saturday.
I was pretty busy with work, so i didn't have a lot of time to respond to them, so thank you.
Okay, back to the grind to finish some things up
until next time :)
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Just a quick update since I don't have the time these days that I would like to dedicate to updating my DA page

Work has been extremely busy ever since ROM vs Transformers: Shining Armor.  That series was a lot of fun to work on, but also a huge amount of work, and it hasn't seemed to slow down since that series.
I next had a fill in issue of Lost Light which had a semi large cast of characters in it, so that took up some time, and now I'm working on Transformers: UNICRON, which is an epic amount of work.
Each issue seems to get more intense with the amount of characters, things, and situations I have to draw.  I really don't know how I've been able to work on this book since each issue feels like 3 issues worth of work combined ( just in the details and characters)

Well I'm getting near the end of it.  Not too many more issues to go, and way past the halfway point in this series.  It's been as I've said and insane amount of work, but I'm proud to be part of the story that brings the current IDW Transformers comics to a close.  I would like to gush more about the book and the creative team, but I will save that for when it's all done :)

Until then, back to the drawing table. Too much to draw, and not that much time to get it all done in.

Take Care Everyone :D
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Another year

1 min read
Well another year older, not much wiser and feeling generally unsatisfied with a lot of things since my last birthday.
It just seems I get grumpier every year :\
oh well, there have been a lot of high points as well.
Time to start all over again :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. 
All the best :)
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Thanks :)

1 min read
Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.
They were all very welcome and made my day :)
Sorry I can't take the time to write more, but I'm getting ready to head to TFcon Chicago right now
All the best and thanks again :D
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