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By markerguru
so i needed to relax a bit from drawing movie bots, and my back was bothering me a bit, so i thought i'd do another colored paper drawing.
this time i draw the sexy robot man himself....tracks.

this is a gift for :iconpink-oasis:
i know she likes tracks.

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I like droi..... Transformers.
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Really handsome bot^^
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:iconilikeitplz: now thats sexy!! beautiful drawing! Love Tracks!
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Oh Man, One of my Favourite Autobots..!! " uunnhh, I'd rather stay in my stunning Auto-mode.. "
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Hey, I like this one.
I'm really glad to see some awesome fan art from lovely Tracks... he needs to be drawn more often!!
which color pencils did you use for him?
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i did this marker, no coloured pencil. the only coloured pencil i used was white around some of the highlights which i used a white gel pen for.
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O.O oh sweet Primus!
You actually did this with markers? I'm impressed! And here I was, never good at art class at all with them ^_^''
It's a really good job, Can I make a PSP wall for me with it?
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Yes he is hot and sexy! I love Tracks and have started to draw him just of recently. :dummy: :love:
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nice work. am looking for someone to draw a few G1 bots for some tattoos. would you be interested?

let me know.


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AAAHWWW !!! <3
Tranks !!
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Wow I don't think he's ever looked so sexy to me. So shiny...
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Wow he does look pretty hot here.
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holy cap locks batman. :)
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Cool things deserve caps.
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Man, I never get tired of looking at this.
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well you get to look at the real thing. everyone else has to look at it on a computer monitor ;)
they can't see it in it's full glory like you can :)
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Nope. I am a lucky penguin. In many many ways. :)
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Tracks, Tracks, Tracks. <3

One of my favourites. He's self-absorbed, and yet at the same time nothing gets past him. Really! It's great. XD
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