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this bug is golden

By markerguru
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well i felt like drawing another bot on the colored paper.
this time i took a stab at da bee.
i don't think its too shabby. so i'll probably see about doing another one.
well, enjoy

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I'm bringin' home a robo-bumblebee!
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next to Optimus, he will always be my favorite Autobot! lovin the gold look on him!
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Yeah! Squee... Old style Bumble Bee, bless you! Dis Bug is TRULY GOLDEN:-)
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Great job! Bee is one of my fav TFs!
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Again, nice use of coloured paper.
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amazing and cool!!! I love this little Bee!
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really koool pic
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Score! G1 Bee! xD
This is really good. Totally deserves the frontpage. ;)
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Yes Sir!!!

I Like It!
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Awesome. Good ol Gen1 og Bee!
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about time! I coulden't stand seeing the animated one everywhere
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cool, but no animated bashing on my page please. save that stuff for transformer fourms. i won't stand for people complaining about a series they don't like on my page. just a heads up for the future.
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what are talking about? I meant I saw so much art of animated bumblebee that I barely saw any G1 bee
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thats not how it read to me. it read like your harping on the style of the show. and i've gotten many same commets by others that i'm just sick of replying to or reading. so if it wasn't what you ment, fine no big deal. the way it read to me was why i said what i did.
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well the style is kinda weird for the transformers but the show was great
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I love the movement, and the light and dark accents.
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Very nice Bumblebee ^^
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excellent work! the use of the colored paper so far has been fantastic.
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Brilliant. Do you use an image as reference?

Keep up the great work :)
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i can draw g1 bumblebee in my sleep, so no, i didn't use reference.
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