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tfcon litho colors

By markerguru
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well i hope you didn't have to wait long for this.
here b the colors for the litho.
this art was created special for the toronto transformers con, which is this saturday, april28th.
hopefully if you live up here, you have the time to spare to come to the con. visit the site to find out any details about the con if your interested in going.
this pic turned out better then i exspected, due to the colors. josh never lets me down.
well hope you all likes it. hope to see you at the con.

click the download button to see image better :)

pencils/inks :iconmarkerguru:
colors :icondyemooch:

transformerscon: [link]
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Great work as always!
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Is this available to buy online anywhere? I just completed my Alternators collection, and I'd like to display this with them!
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i don't know. i know that you can pick it up at tfcon. not sure if they are selling it online. you'd have to check with them somehow. sorry i couldn't be more helpful.
Love this lithograph, the designs of the Autobots and the Decepticons are very interesting due to there mechanical detail.

I like how Megatron is shown up close, assuming that's the focal point of the image. I like how you drew the mechanical detail, I closley resembles the Master Piece Megatron from Japan.

If only they could make a series of films based off the 80's cartoon, instead of Bay's ongoing trilogy. All that Paramount needs to do is use the old vehicles from that era (1980's specifically), and use the same animated transformations as inspiration from the Bay trilogy, incorporated into the original G1 characters.

In my opinion it would be alot better to see a TF movie like that, instead of Mr. Bay making things that are not really believable. An example would Bumblebee's weaponary in vehicle mode on his way to Ukrane in search of an artifact which belonged to the legendary ship called the Ark, which I think Bay over did it a littlle much for my taste.
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poor hoist, is that who the only dead transformer is at the bottom?
great composition. blasters flyin
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I remember getting this at last year's BotCon - unfortunately, I still haven't put it up (my room's kinda small).

But that being said, your work never disappoints!
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I see you based Megatron's details on the Masterpiece figure.
And you included Alternators Prime alongside his bigger brother fighting Alternators Nemesis.

Man, you always seem to get so much terrific detail into your Transformers works.
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I'm seeing double are there two Optimus Primes up there, I see the G1 and the Alternator
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you see the masterpiece prime and the alternator. since this is a poster showing at the time all the masterpiece collection and alternators.
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okay, it is still awesome.
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Hey... I have the lineart version!
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magnific~o! it's getting harder and harder to find decent pictures of the G1 robots. great to see them drawn by a pro. :]
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two thumbs up!! (I wish I could give you more,but it wouldn't be appropriate)
great work!
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Man, I'd hate to be caught in the middle of that crossfire...

Seriously, very awesome. You handle a large cast of characters very well.

By thy side,

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Another stunner!
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yes, i got sick after i did this
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LOL - it's awesome.
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that couldent be cooler...
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grrr I so want that awesome art as a desktop :(

Great work man
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:clap: - how big is this thing again?
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2 feet x 3 feet
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Jinkies - going to have to clear some wall space then :lol:
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