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tf:spotlight Kup cover colored

well now i can post this color one up, i be happy.
yeah, josh did such an awesome job, i just about creamed my pants when i saw this.
i love it when something turns out better then in my head.
wait now until the galvatron cover. tee hee.

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I think I like the blue more, I dont know, everything seems sharper I guess, and the moon looks like its shining a pale almost creepy light on everything. Great work by the way I would luv to see more of your art some time :)
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Badass! *faints from awesomeness* :faint:
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awesome! You are a wonderful artist.

I am glad to meet this picture because the character of KUP is very loved.
The thing that this comic doesn't sell Japan is regrettable.
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thanks. i know i wish i could get a hold of those awesome japanese transformer comics myself. i guess we both want what's not sold near us.
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I love the whole concept for this. And you've really made Kup into a being of pure awesome.
Everything about this rocks!
Keep up the stellar work!
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I like the blue one better overall, I like its shading better, the red's a bit washed out. But I like the zombie in the foreground better in the red version, it kinda stands out more in that one to me.
And old verteran Kup is just awesome, definitely not a snotty or naive autobot!
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i like it when people give me a more detailed explanation of why they like this pic. it helps me sometimes get a better feel for my work.
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I saw this, I was like, Holy crapples, that's awesome. O.O
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thanks. i too like the way it turned out. josh does some amazing color work
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Man, the old soldier there keeps on becoming one of my fave TFs, and awesome pics like this one help ;)
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what a stella cover for the 'old timer'
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I like the blue version better than the red. I think its a more natural color.
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i like the blue also, just because it makes it really feel like night time, but a cold night time, the kind of cold where if you died, no one would care cause its that cold.
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Awesome. Now thats a BADASS Kup. 0_0

I really like how effective the blacks are used and the tight composition. All attention goes to the poor drowning bot though. But thats okay.

I just can't imagine if Kup will save or eat him as he looks right now though. 0_0

Also... Hmm... Isn't that green bot Espens fan character? XD
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what fan character? i just made shit up. you'd have to ask josh, since he was the one who colored it.

he'll probably eat him.
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I seem to recall that Espen Grudetjern (the ol' Dreamwave colorist) had a fan character/avatar that whas basicly a green Bumblebee.

May just be a lucky coincidence. Shit up or not. =)
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Awesome job well done...both of ya. always...looking forward to seeing more. :)
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