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springarm design

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so this is one of the many designs i came up with for issues 22 and 23 of transformers ongoing.
originally the character was called swingarm, but was changed later to springarm.
this is one of the 2 bike twins that help police an area on cybertron along side orion pax.
he had a twin brother named wheelarch who is basically the same design with only a few minor tweaks to the head and a different colour palette
this was probably one of my favourite designs to work on, and i know i thought the idea of them turning into bikes that optimus or orion would ride was pretty cool. then James had to kill them ;p oh well, there were fun for as long as they lasted.

they have the same alt mode, so they are regular bikes on there own, but can modify for another bot to ride them.
i'll post the alt mode soon :D

this and other designs can been found the the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :)



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Spectacular work on this guy.
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Man, I wish I could purchase the duo springarm and wheelarch!
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Where in the name of Primus I can find a copy of your sketchbook? D:
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i have no idea. guess you'll have to look on ebay :C
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His design (especially the wheel placements) remind me of Armada Sideways.
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Eh, not bad! I find the rear tire a little weird, normally I like them around the arms or something.
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yeah. but i wanted a more slender design and wheels around the arms would have made him too wide IMO
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eh...I suppose so. Or you could put them as a knee sort of thing, eh whatever. I like it like this way now.
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I would love a figure of this guy! Excellent design!
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the bike to bot size conversion has always slightly puzzled me, do you think of them as larger than earth model motorcycles or smaller bots? somebody mentioned the gestalt concept which i can see helping balance size issues. Are you going to color the alt mode picture?? I would love to see it =) & those are some interesting flashy fatty tires!
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they are a lot bigger then earth model motorcycles.
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Wreck-Gar's Original form?
Find out Next TiMe...
Same Bot Time
Sane Bot Channel.....
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Very cool design but all I can think of with bots riding bots is the ambiguously gay duo.
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he is really cool! :D
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i would love to see you do the Robotech mechas!!!
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omg Why haven't I been following you already???

Awesome design, can't wait to see him in action!
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Tremendous design as always and look forward to the alternate mode eventually.
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He's got a butt as big as a tire!!!

...oh wait...
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Also: you should color your own work more often. =D
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I always love motorbike bots. I guess its mainly cause one of my first tf toys ever was G2 Roadpig. XD
My figure however was named Roadhog on the box for some reason, so I still call him that. Sounds better in my opinion but I digress.
Motorcycle transformers are always awesome. =D
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He looks great! Though I've never read the comics before because they're rarely released here in Australia, I'll bet this guy is really awsome. It's a shame they had to die, I think it would've been awsome if there were short stories about them.
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