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springarm alt mode design

By markerguru
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so here is the alt mode for springarm as promised :)

with a lot of the new bots i've been drawing these days, i start with creating the altmode first, then creating the robot next. well unless i have a really clear view of what i want the robto mode to look like first.
usually i'll have a really loose drawing of the robot, so i can get the basic shape of what i think it should look like. then i'll draw the alt mode and then go back and modify to robot mode for the character.

with this design i needed to have springarm able to be a bike on his own, but also have optimus/orion able to rode it.
so here is the regular alt mode, and the modified one for optimus/orion to ride :)

with the bike design i really wanted to have the open wheel design. i really like that, and a part of me wanted to turn a tron bike into a transformer so this is what i came up with.
most of the body fo the bike is a outer shell that compacts and the body is inner areas. basically when he transforms, he drops down from the middle of the bike and the wheels fold up and rotate into there assigned places :)

oh, again, this design was made when the character was named swingarm. it was later changed to springarm if anyone is wondering :)


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I really like this alt. mode. I have been inspired.
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Hey, Alex. Love the design for Springarm. Is it okay if I use the "rider" mode as the vehicle of an OC I made?
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Great design! Usually I do the opposite of what you do when designing TFs - I do the character first and then the alt-mode (though I have a vague idea of what the alt-mode will be for the character). Hence my TF designs are more like the old Marvel/cartoon ones - simple, but I'd hate to be the designer who has to figure out how this guy transforms.
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well i did figure out how he transforms when i was coming up with the design ;p
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I'll just haveta work harder on that aspect then!
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Love it, I've always found designing Tf's is the 'dogs' but can imagine adding it to comic book history feels even better. I've alway liked the encapsulated bike design. Reminds me of Afterburner!
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In a perfect world the Protectobot Groove would be a relative to his and simply keep the TF-sized bike mode so a motocycle for a leg wouldn't look ridiculous on any potential IDW Defensor.

But that's just me blathering about.

I think I'm going to need that sketchbook. The problem is how to get it.
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Sleek design as always.
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The front of the bike facing away from us?
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no its facing torward us, notice the handle bars in its pilotable mode
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no, the front is facing us.
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I'd love to see Prime ride on that bike.
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check out issue 23 of ongoing :)
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If I can get my hands on it! My comic shop had to reorder 22 and 23 because they sold out 1st day.
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REminds me a little of Kaneda's bike from AKIRA! or perhaps a little of the Technobot least I think it was him, he was the bike.
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thats funny since James mentioned he wanted a bike like the one from Akira also :)
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Great minds think alike! :)
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wow awesome theres going to be a painted one?

BTW the first time i saw it the model resembles me to Afterburner
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nice set of wheiles. :)
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Hey; it's the Batpod from the movies!
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sweet. i never thought of that. i know James wanted the cannons to be at the front of the bike, so i just placed them there. i guess being a huge batman fan, my mind placed them there. neat :)
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