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spotlight arcee pg 05

holy freakin speed lines batman.
yeah, i may have had a bit too much fun with this page.
well hope you enjoyed the preview of the b&w's. if you like, you can chech out the book when it comes out to see the wrods for these pictures.

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You did the art??? Wow! The comic for that's one of my favorite Transformer comics! Hope to see Arcee more! (Fantasmagorical, BTW)
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loved this book!
one of my favourite comics ever!
well done!!
loving your art work!!
i would love to see more!
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i'd rather buy this comic in black and white without the words...sure colours nice and happy and words help tell a story...but this is where the magic is, in these black and white's
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Amazing! great work!!
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83 these look freaking amazing! I cannot WAIT until this Spotlight comes out. It looks like Arcee's lost her bearings, and I cannot wait to find out why she's attack Magnus!
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arrrg! i cant wait! i hope my local comic store will have it:)
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great work and keep having too much fun on these pages.
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diggin the speed lines. I like panel 3 alot. It's good to see you go loose while maintaining all those details as well. nice balance.
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WOW! I'm gonna be an ARCEE fan after this story comes out - I bet! DARN YOU GUYS!!!! YOU CAN EVE MAKE WHEELIE COOL! DARNIT!
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She really looks like she's leaping out of the page there! Wow!
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Great work on the pose of the first panel!!!

this is my fav page

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nice posture and weaponry!
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Dude, the speed lines... @.<;
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No such thing as too much fun.
The more an artist enjoys his work the more you can see it in the visuals, and that enhances our enjoyment.
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:O ..... :faint:

Just, Wow. I love the imagery, the movement, the emotion, everything. Somehow I'm gunna get this comic. You rock. :shakefist:

Excuse me while I go fav all the colored ones now.... >_>
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Wow, she's awesome... I think is is some of your best work!

To the people who thought this issue would suck:

Eat your heart out!
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Wow, that's incredible. Great linework. D:
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