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ok, so here is the bot everyone wanted to see according to the poll.
let me just say that this one was a bitch to do because of the purple paper. it was so hard to see the lines when i was inking it.
anyways, the original is darker then this, but this is how it looked after it scanned, so i guess if i stand outside when it's sunny the original will look like this.
anyways, i'll probably look for a lighter purple for anyone else i do that is mainly purple, like galvatron.

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shockwave is the best :)
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He looks great!
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I used to have shockwave in his original form like this one shows. he transformed into a better toy gun the megatron did :P it was awsome love the detailed work here.
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I have no idea why, but this reminds me of the INVID from Robotech. Looks cool. :)
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One of my favorite Decepticon as a kid. Not just cuz he transformed into a gun either lol. He got one of the best G1 designs.

- Lak
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Still turned out EPICALLY awesome.
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Shackwave looks bad-ass! :)
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always impressed by your work. Your foreshortening and attention to detail rocks! although I think the placement could be better. Too bad the guns "rays" get cut off a little. You know you good when the only complaint you get is the papers too small :P
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Shocky~ :heart: This pose is much love. :]
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How lovely. Shockwave is one of my favorites (I mainly like badies, but sum autobots are cool too) Well, his pose is bit odd, never seen something like that but I like how you added so much details on him. Like his right hand. Those fingers looks great. I could stare this whole night :)
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Loved the way you made him! The feet are awesome. They stand out from the bulky ones every other TF has:P
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thanks. i was going for a more stylized look for him. still think it needs some work, but overall i'm pleased with it.
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Subtle, and effective. Great job as always.
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yay! :clap: I'm very glad you decided to go with Shockwave. very few really good drawings of him. I'm sorry it was such a bitch for you though ^^;
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I really like the whole 'using the paper color' thing you've been doing. They have all come out very nice~
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Great job!!! Its awesome how you put up a poll and asked us to vote for our favs. Its really cool that you're a professional artist, but you still do fan requests! You rock!!!
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well i had a list of characters i wanted to do, but i was stumped on which one to do first, so i asked the people which to do.
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Thats great! :D I :heart: that poll! And I saw all your new drawings, and they rock!!! :D :XD:
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Very nice Shockwave! this robot LOOKS like a robot. It's a scary TF
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Ol' one-eyed is here again
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