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sari bee mine

well its finally done.
now i remember why i don't color my own comics. it takes me too long, and i don't stop until i'm in the 88-95 % range of being happy with the overall look.
so again, this is my take on the new tf animated show. i did make sari older. i wanted to draw a larger person next to bee, and i liked her hair in the show, so i said, i'll make her older, that will work.
its very peachy looking. i feel like eating peaches now. yum, peaches.
well hope you like.

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They look like they are about to cause some trouble around the autobot base :D wonder how they're gonna get in trouble this time. And I just love the facial expression you gave these two ^^
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Everything about this is win.  I absolutely adore the poses.  Looks like they're about to start some trouble. :D
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i love this two. OMG! OMG! :iconilavplz:
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i love haw you put the atobot symbl on bee's hubcap!
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omg. Bee looks so awesome!
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this is awesome! nice work ;)
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bumblebee: "bee" mine!
sari: i'm not interested in robots
bumblebee: :iconpoutplz:

not sure if your a sarixbee fan or not.
awesome art by the way.^^
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i love it..ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!
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it is so amazing. you did an excellent job with bumble bee and sari. :)
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Fucking FANTASTIC! This is what I've been wanting to see, a little realism brought to the wonderful world of Animated.
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Excellent!! Love the attention to detail :D Not many people can pull off the TFA style with that level of detail.:highfive:
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WOW! this is so freaking awsome! Bee looks just wicked and Sari is amazing! bang up job!

instant fave!
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your avatar is freakin awesome :D
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Lol, why thank you. :smile: just a little thing i made to celabrate one of my fav officers of the Enterprize.
It's the yellow car with strips on edge (NOT IN MIDDLE OF CAR)
Thats really awsome on what you did there

Just to let you know I have some news on transformers 3

to talk about look up new bee and find the new bumblebee chevy comero
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Wow You NEED to make more of this stuff!!!
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i love these two
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excellent! superb!!! i love the style, i love the ... i love everything about it! great job! favorited easily!
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