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rung design

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so this was one of the first new characters i designed for issues 22 and 23 of the transformers ongoing comic i worked on.

this is the character of rung.
i had many conversations with James Roberts about this character. we would talk many times about him, and i would give him various sketches that he would look over, and he would tell me a lot about the character and how he felt he should look.
basically he wanted this guy to be very scrawny looking compared to other bots. he also mentioned that his alt mode should be very hard to tell what he transforms into. he said something about it should like he transforms into a ladder or table.
i laughed at that, but then wondered how that would work. so i came up with many designs for him. i showed James the first go on this design, i then tweaked in with things he mentioned until i came up with final one.
in the end he liked it and then it was off to discuss colours with James.
the only thing that differs from this design and the final in the comic is James asked me to cover over the wheels to make it hard to tell what he is, so thats what i did :)

go by what James told me about rung i made his alt mode into a communications maintenance vehicle. his alt mode would also be smaller then bumblebee's to give you a scale to him

i think my favourite part og him is the head. i liked what i came up with, plus i gave in some tf: prime elements in he had big eyebrows :D


this and other designs can been found the the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :)


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Kinda curious as to how Rung ended up with the alt-mode he has in issue 22 (if i remember correctly)...
and while i did read your comparison with Bumblebee, How tall wold Rung be compared to the average cybertronian? (i'd kinda like to try drawing him next to Fort Max, but i have no idea of the scale there, i think Max is about twice the average size, but i can't seem to place Rung...)
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Alt mode out of date as of MTMTE #22 :)
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that depends on how many time James intends to change his mind on what Rung turns into.  as of issue 22 that was his 4th or 5th time. 
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But now, with an on-panel appearence, his alt mode is fixed, I thought?
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nothing is fixed with James Roberts
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One of the most awesome designs ever!
At first I thought his altmode was a Segway or something. xD"" [link]
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he kind of looks like the drone from a prime problem
...kind off
okay just the claw then

will we ever see him transform in the course of the series ?

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thats up to James :)
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wel lets hope so
and let me also say that so far the mtme series is the best tf series i read in a long time ( in 2 years in fact )
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thanks. glad your enjoying the series.
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oh i am
what with mtme rid and regeneration one now is a good time to be a transformers fan
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I love his eyebrows, too xDDD
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Love his face in these sketches. XD Not even in his crazy dreams could the final Rung come up with such a brave look. LOL. He's really cute. :3
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Love him. I'd love Hasbro to do a toy of this design. Then redeco it in yellow with a new head as Scrounge from the old Marvel comic. :)

Great work.
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Cool design, really like the design of the vehicle mode, it's like some sort of Mars rover or something.
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XD if I transformed into a table... I'd be giving the "WTH" look too X)
The head concept reminds me of that :lmao:

Very amusing background of Rung. :)
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Good stuff Milney. Loving your work as always
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glad your enjoying it :)
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That's quite a neat design.
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Nice design. I wish my comic book store had got the sketch book but unfortunately they didn't order enough copies of #22 and #23.

Hey, Alex, what's your background - art educationally speaking? With the look of the alt-mode sketches I'd think industrial design background? Just curious. Mine's a fine arts education but we did nothing beyond the traditional drawing/painting/photography type stuff. I look back now and wish I'd known more about what else was out there that I could have done art-wise.
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my art background is technical and scientific illustration.
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Cool. Yeah, I was thinking that with the amount of detail and your general style I didn't think you were from a "traditional" illustration background. Your TFs look like they could actually "work" (if that makes sense). I would love to see a team-up of you and EJ - I reckon that'd knock the socks off all us robot lovin' fans out here. ;)

If you don't mind me asking, as someone who's in the field, do you know of any reputable/good schools to check out in Vancouver at all? I know you're not from there (and Canada's a big bloody place to boot), I just thought you might have some idea. I ask because I'm moving there from Australia next year (my wife's Canadian) and was thinking of going back to school to develop my illustration skills to build onto my Fine Arts degree. I've heard some good things about the Emily Carr University of Art and Design but thought maybe you might have some insight you could share?

Cheers for any help. :)
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i guess my style isn't traditional in that sense, but i do know a lot of traditional illustration techniques.
i also have a bit of graphic design, colour theory, painting, and mixed media under my belt.

as for schools. thats tough since i'm not sure whats out that way. i know personally that Sheridan in Oakville Ontario has a good art program.
thats the school i went to for illustration. they also have graphic design and animation there.
its a pretty good school for the arts.
sorry i couldn't be more help. :)
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