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rung colour guide

so this is the colour guide that i came up with for rung and was approved by James Roberts.
i wanted him to have a very copper feel to him, so thats what i made his main colour.
only problem was i ran out of the copper color marker i had, so i had to try and make that colour with a bunch of other one.
so it's copper for anyone who wanted to know :)
he was still a fun character to work on

this and other designs can been found the the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :)

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Yay Mary Sue... I mean Rong... Ring... Rung - Rung that's it!


I kid
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And the writers knew that because he is pretty much God in IDW
IronhidesDaughter's avatar
He's so cute! He's actually what brought me into MTMTE.
Nanairo's avatar
My favorite character!
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i have a  question  about ....ring ? ...or was it   rang  ?   well whatever 

will we ever see his al tmode in the pages of mtme  ? 

maybe his name is  wrong that  would be awkward  oh right  ! rung  thats  it !
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Maybe it is the expression on his face, but I had a moment where I thought it was Kaon. It made me realize that although they do have their key differences, they have a lot in common design wise.
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wow... sweet aft on this one!
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It is amazing. Nice design for Rung
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a new interesting caracter I love it
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Love the mounted computer panels for him to research with.
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wow he looks so awesome
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Amazing job. Can I ask what his alt is?
markerguru's avatar
you can, but i won't say ;p
antepathy's avatar
My guess is rolling lounge chair. Close?
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Do you know what he turns into? Or are you as clueless as the rest of us?
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Awesome, that is one thing I don't like about Transformers text stories, they make it harder to visualize if you don't know what the character is supposed to look like.
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Correct me if I am wrong but this is the character that appears in the story Bullets that was included in Last Stand of the Wreckers is it not?
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i believe it is
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I'm sorry man But when I see this ... it's like a really attractive looking Wheelie...

ahhaha... I hope when I get into the industry I can have as much fun like this!
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Rung: What?! What do you mean this isn't House of Kolors Copper? Mad Mike said so himself...
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looks great!!!
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He's very unique, I like him. :)
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