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rodimus prime commission

By markerguru
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commissioned by :iconodinson119:
this is another commission in the style of the hound one i did.
it seems to be a popular style, and i did say i was going to do more like it.
so here we have the birth of Rodimus Prime. with the background details being the insides of unicron


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"Arise Rodimus prime"



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I've heard many people complain about this dude's name, and how every prime before Sentinel had the '-Imus' factro -referred to like it was a plague-
If he were to have a new prime-name, what do you think it would/should be?
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too bad he turned into a winnebago
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haha close, i got him tattooed on my leg check out the pic
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I now have "You've got the touch!" stuck in my head, thank you very much :P!
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You've got the power!
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lol. your welcome. ;p
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I don't usually say anything good about Rodimus but this is awesome
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OH man, this is so much win D:!!!
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thanks man. that means a lot coming from you :D
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"Arise, Rodimus Prime!" :w00t:
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One of the best scenes in the film too.
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another great line from the film made even better by optimus saying it :)
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Like the amount of details you put in and at least,your friend like it.
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This is badass.
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I like the fusion of designs!
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i thought you would ;p
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The Last Prime has ascended.

Primus help us all.
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Wow. Now that is awesome. Great work here. This looks very professional. I'm favoriting this.
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I like your take on Rodimus in this drawing, you've definitely made the young brash Hot Rod look more grown up.

I'm surprised you got a Rodimus commission and Protoman wasn't the one who commissioned it
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lol. he's too busy buying toys to get a real commission off of me. but one day he'll come crawling to me, and that will be the day i stop drawing transformers ;p i kid. but i guess right now buying the toys are a bit more of a priority then getting original art. i'll just make sketches of him and see how many he gets. i think he's got 3 or 4 already.
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