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rodimus prime

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so i was working on another colored paper drawing when all of a sudden i wanted to use a brighter color of paper. so i stopped the one i was working on to do this one. i'll go back to the other one a bit later.
well i was thinking that rodimus prime doesn't get enough love and he looks pretty good in the visual works book, so i decided to draw him.

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I like how you did Rodimus' face cause he still looks like a YOUNG Leader instead of Aged Up like in the movie and Show. He's supposed to still be Hot Rod just with Authority.
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Great artwork. =D
I agree, Rodimus is great the way he is, deserves more love and is actually my favorite prime. :hug:
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I agree, Rodimus is a brilliant character who deserves way more attention and love. Beautiful artwork, your color choices blend wonderfully together!
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The Chosen One!!
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Screw thoes Rodimus hater I love him it was hasbro fault they were the one who want OP off the self
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:iconsuperw00tplz: Rodimus ftw!
At least I don't see him letting everyone who's a different race and gender get away with everything and walk all over him nor being a hypocrite.
One thing to have any opinion or different 'favorite character' than him, sure, but not every character who's a prime too is such an antichrist over it, yeah it's sad to see someone die and it's just as sad to see someone else underrated and blamed over it too, and at least I don't wish death on any other primes.
I agree with him needing more love, I still love him. :hug:
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I love Rodimus too and he does need more love. It's not his fault the matrix of leadership chose him.
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hot rod to those who knew him before he became rodimus prime LOL.
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Roddy is awesome for two things: He is a Prime, and he is an awesome archer
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Nice! Rodimus really needs to get more love. He's awesome.
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One of my favorites heroes from Transformers !
On your art looks like Epic Hero !
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Not really sure what the hatred of Rodimus is about, considering Optimus Prime's ineptitude, was about. Rodimus Prime felt more like an actual character with worries and concerns, instead of a metal Superman like his predecessor.
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Awesome pic of Rodimus. :)
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This is really awesome!!! Go Rodimus Prime!
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Awesome Rodimus pic. Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
Excellent work, old school Autobots are the best.
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That's awesome... few people do I know that even acknowledge the first and second generations.
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This is exactly the way Rodimus Prime should act -- all leader, no wimp.
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I'm faving this pic!
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