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prewar megatron design

By markerguru
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this was something i've always been meaning to do.
i was never really happy with the original megatron design i came up with for Megatron: Origins. so when i found out i was going to be drawing him in that time period again, i got my chance to fix what i didn't like about it :)

so here we have my re design for prewar megatron
the alt mode is able to connect to various types of machinery that he would use as an energon miner.
i would love to go back to M: O and change a lot of things that book. oh well, maybe one day :)

this and other designs can been found the the Transformers: Alex Milne sketchbook :)


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Before the Fusion Cannon...Megatron's form is actually pretty normal.
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Looks like the toy designers stuck more with Megatron Origins, but still... Congrats :) Between that and "B-2" Ongoing version,, your Megatron designs are getting alot of love from Hasbro's toy department ^___^
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I've always loved the folded treads behind his head. They remind me a lot of Titanium Fallen.
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I really liked the artwork in Megatron: Origins and this is awesome, too ^-^
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His alt mode seems far more practical in this design for his work as a miner.
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Holy crap, YOU were the guy behind the lines on Origins Megatron?!
I...dude...that's like...I got nuthin'.

I loved it. All of it. The story and the art combined into about 110% awesome.

Yeah, done gushing now :XD: Still, massive kudos.
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Hmm... This vaguely reminds me of Armada Megatron. X)
ANyways, awesome concept for good ol' Megz. :)
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This could be made from modified Armada Megatron....
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Design seems a lot less bulkier seeing it like this, not sure how I feel about that. One thing that's been bothering me, and I don't mean to be nitpicky, but where did the red markings on his helmet come into play for this particular variation of the design?
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they have always been there, but they weren't coloured in in the original M: O comic. in the original comic, megs was a miner, and he wore the mining helmet everyone wore. he mostly didn't take it off, but if he did i believed he's be the type that was picky about the helmet, so he marked it so no one else would wear it. thats what i came up with a long time ago, and it continued into 22 and 23 of ongoing. i hope thats helpful???
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Kind of convoluted, but okay. It was just bothering me because it seemed like those marks, among other tribal-esque markings, were only seen in M:O upon him becoming a gladiator, so I was curious as to why they showed up on this design at the point in time the flashbacks take place, when the marks wouldn't be seen until later on.
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This is awesome; I sorely wish they'd make a toy based off this design, and/or one off of your Origins Soundwave design.
Best Soundwave design yet!
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very great!!!
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That's quite a revamp for sure.
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best design!
thanks much for this, i needed something like that!
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I've always liked this type of Megatron design, with the treads on the back. It just has a really nice look to it.

I would love to see a variation of this used in Generations at some point.
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0o0 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME :la:
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How long has he been a miner anyway?
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So sensible. And viewable here after I spent so long making diagrams before of his old transformation. x-x Clearly I should have asked for more information from you earlier. Primus but do I love how much technical thought you put behind this. I appreciate your spacial sensitivity.
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i just really needed to fix the problems that i saw with the original design that i didn't have the time to do when i worked on megatron origins.
glad you like it :)
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It's the G2 Megatron! :dummy:
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You weren't happy with the original megatron design from Origins? This man has lost his mind! :p

Great work here too though!
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that comic was cool!!
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