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movie prime

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so hear is another pic i'm working on for botcon.
i hope it will be done in time.
i originally wanted to have this done for tfcon, but i ran out of time. now since Peter Cullen will now be at botcon i just had to try and get this done.
i think this is the most detailed movie prime i've done.
i enjoy the way the lover torso came out. still finding new ways to draw big bot better. one day i'll get it right ;)

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May I ask you something, markerguru? Did you use a tool -like a ruler- to create this artwork?
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i used a ruler for some of the lines of the buildings.
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:wow: Love this... Great and amazing work my friend.
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O.o awesome...i hope i manage to pull off sth like this someday *said the one who fails at doing robots or any other vehicle*....did you study optimus or sth before making this? the details are epically insane >_>
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i tried to make this one look as close to the movie as i could at that time with the reference i had to go off of.
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i see ^ ^ i admire your work and i hope i get to draw as good as this one day
i gotta start learning mechanics ._.
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This is totally badass!!
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What!? This is amazing, I'm impressed. Slick and detailed and still crystal clear. And nice pose.
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thanks. i enjoyed working on it at the time. now i want to do a new one from dark of the moon. but i need to find the time to do that.
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with your permission and if I credit you, may I color this?
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not sure why you'd want to color this. also what would you use it for?
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Because it's an amazing drawing.
It's pretty much up to you when it comes to what I'd use it for
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u should post higher res:l always wanted to color some of your awesome art:l.. im transformers fan since kid.. and never been able to find a nice hi res lineart T_T
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i don't normally post high res lineart because i'm super picky about who i want to actually color my work. but i might find something or come up with something just for you? just really busy right now. i guess just keep checking in with me if your really interested.
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thatd be awesome!! no worries man i understand if u are busy.. but still !! yes ill be around! always check your posts! thanx man cheers:)
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Awesomesauce :faint:

Movie prime is fantastic, and so are you! =D
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wait until you see the colors for this. it will be even better :) movie prime is great.
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Wow... that is so amazingly detailed. Great work!
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I have just to say... you are so incredible good to draw, I..I don't know what going to say.. but you are very very welcome=D
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Awesome as always, man!
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Is Prime proud of the work he's done, lolz. Awesome job as always. Very dynamic.
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man, you are awesome O_O...
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I love movie Prime. Can't wait to own the new Leader class figure. Great picture ya done too.
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i have the new movie prime. he be really cool
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