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master of treachery

pathetic fools. theres no escape!
i finally finished it. now i can sleep. for a week.
yeah, i'm generally pleased with the way it turned out.
i tried a bunch of different things with this pic. hopefully they worked out.
well hope you all likes it.
i don't know when i'll get around to some of my other pics that need to get colored, but i'll try my best.
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Could you make this 2048x2048?
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So puffy. I like it.
True Starscream is the master of treachery
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*sees thumb* I'm gonna go to this and go wow*clicks* DAYUM!

This is freakin wicked-I love the angle you've used and the light from the sun behind him-not to mention the detail and the amazing colours
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thanks. i wish i was able to do more like this back in the day :)
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Starscream is VERY threatening.
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omg.. that is..awesome O.O i bow to thee almighty one (you) *bows* i love this! the only one who looks pretty cool in the movies is Bee, and that's cause hes a Camero lol. i miss the old Ratchet, and damn Bay for killin off Jazz. i agree with [link] he kinda looks like a flattened chicken robot (that was part gorilla o.O) now T.T hell, even Megatron looks stupider >.> lol.
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:rofl: I have to agre with ya on that one. Starscream looks like some freaky Chicken monkey crossbreed. XD What is it ya didn't like on the movie Ratchet? I'm just currious. :D I didn't like that Jazz died either. :( He was the funny one after all. Bah Megs is a big afted fool, I say the movie look suits him. But maybe I'm to particle here? XD
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roflol XD well for one, Rachet (aka Hatchet) is white, and the whole yellow deal is like, o.O and i agree bout the Megsy bit lolz. idk bout u, but personaly i like the designs for every1 better in G1 than the new movies, well cept Megs XD seems 2 fit him better >.< the only cool part of there new looks is there alt forms, tho i like Arcee better as a.. corvette? (i 4get what she was origionaly atm, pretty sure a corvette tho..) Prime looks more kick ass XD lol. and Megs G1 transformation its fraggin hilarious XD big bad decepticon turns in2 a gun XD lolz. no wonder Starscream is forever tryin 2 be thhe leader lol. jw, hasnt every1 of the decepticons "used" Megsy at one point in time? XD just thought of it like that lolz.
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Yeah I know, but there isn't any white ambulances these days is it? ;P Megs's ugly and that suits him. X3 I think so to, mostly 'cause Star looks way better in G1 then the movie. I was like TT^TT when I saw how he looked in the movie. Like I said MEgs will allways be ugly. *snickers* Hm, never thought about that... Now that ya mention it a corvette whould be better I think. :) I think they tried to get away from the G1 loks with The flames, but personally I think the flames are unnecessary. I mean come on it's Optimus Prime we are talking about here, he don't need any flames to be cool and kick ass. But that's just me. XD

That always had me laughing, XD What's the deal with the gun? and he IS "used" by a whole lot for that. This really means that he is unfitting as a leader, Star can do better! >3 Maybe I should help him owerthrowing Megatron so he can take over... :plotting:
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lol prime deffinately dont need the flames, just his alt form, a fricken SEMI is kick ass enough o.O XD and theres summin that totaly annoyed me in the 1st one, they used Devastator instead of Brawl (for the tank one) and then in the 2nd one, Devastator looked like some kinda fugly ass pug-like robot o.O XD n i wonder when there gonna bring Sunny in, just by concept they Shoulda brought him in with Sides o.O and can i help? like, turn megsy back in2 a sea-potty. (kinda like a porta-potty but for fish.. pfft XD) or paint him pink? now That'd b fraggin hilarious lolz. XD i actualy seen that in my mind. once i seen a lime green and hot pink ambulance (2 differant ones mind you, one l.g. and one h.p.) go through town o.O it was hilarious XD when i seen the green one i was like, *ratchet?? o.O* 'cuase i heard a rumor that he'd b gettin a Green (like, minty green) alt form lolz. omgg this is random, but i just seen a commercial for the new Pirates of the carribean, and jack just got bch slapped by a mermaid XD lol anyways, i think the only way some1 wouldnt b able 2 thing prime was kick ass was if u painted him hot pink or a white/green swirly design and put x-mas decorations all ova him (fanfiction.. i seriously peed myself when i read the discription for the prank XD) lolz.
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My point exaclly. :D because Prime got the power! XD *sweatdropp* yeah he definitly got a makeover in the movie. ^^; He looked like a moving scrapheap with a giant mouth and I can swear he can't do that in G1... Brawl whould have been cooler I think.
So do I! :eager: Same here, and what's up with the change in paint anyway? Side's supossed to be aplered not silver. At least they keept her personality intact as a cooky wiseaft. XD Same here, they should have brought him in in the first place. Pfft *fals of the chair and lies in a laughing heap on the floor.* A pink Megatron? That would be awsome. XD He doesn't know about his new paint job and ask the weiuver "What are you looking at?!" Ya are right that idea IS fragging hilarious. :rofl:
Cool. :D To tell ya the truth I always says 'Hi Ratchet to every ambulance I se in town. X3 I just can't help it! ... You are not serious? Minty green? I like the colour but on Ratchet? I don't know...
:lmao: He probebly deserved it. XD
oO; There are very sick writers out there *shudders* VERY sick ones... :fear:
Sorry for the late reply, have been to busy to be on dA. ^^;
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yep. minty green. XD lol. moving scrapheap? well thats deffinately differant lolz. i love the one part in the begining when the twins get in2 the fight about alt modes and mudflap says "hey man that hurt" (or summin like tha) and then skids says "s'posta hurt, its an ASS kickin" XD yeaa, pink megatron. actualy, after that i actualt came across a dude that did that LilFormers think or w/e, im on one of teh higher up ones for his lil drawings he does, but one of them has a pink g1 megatron with stickers and stuff all over him lol. and theres a lil voice in my head that says "....raachet whyd ya change ur color and alt mode" whenever i see an ambulance XD lolz. and yea ik what ya mean bout the sick writers, actualy i heard a random ass tale from a friend of myn about how they seen a fanfic somewhere that had megsy and prime in a pairing with megsys seekers *poor Starscream ='( * and some random 'bots as a harem for the two of them O.O no kiddin. and s'ok bout the late reply. i've been 2 busy irl helpin the 'rents with my lil sis. (gonna b 3 montsh on june 8th! to cute.) lol
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It is isn't it? ;p lol They are one funny duo those two. ^^
I would LOVE to se Megs painted all in pink. :lmao: I would never be able to glare the same way at him again. XD
:jawdrop: Wh- what?! Ewww that's nasty if I ever heard worse. :bleh: Star does NOT belong to Megs OR Prime! :shakefist: Prime belongs to Elita, Star to himself and megs... bah he just owns himself and his ego. XD
Aww cute. How does it feel being a big sis? :meow:
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btw, is it ok if i use this for my desktop? lol.
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Wai! Starscream! :la: :heart: I just can't get enough of this mech. :love: Why in the world should I even WANT to escape him? Heck I rather run to him! ^w^
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lol with G1 Starscream in this pic, i'd have to agree XD and nice signature btw lol.
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All hail Starscream!

:bow: Thank you. ^w^
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