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magnus and tracks

By markerguru
ok, i had a lot of fun doing this picture.
i was actually wondering what 2 characters would look like on the colored paper.
anyhoo, I did this picture for a special friend of mine. she was nice enough to pick me up some toys i was looking for, so i decided to do this for her. these are some of her favourite characters. hope she likes it.
so i guess i'll try more of these when i get a bit more free time

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Superman-1's avatar
I LOVE this drawing! Ultra Magnus and Tracks look seriously incredible!
vivubaby86's avatar
I love your drawing style!!
Scream01's avatar
Now that's a wonderful piece ^^
markerguru's avatar
thanks. i have a few more in mind that i want to do before tfcon this year. hopefully i'll find the time to do them.
Scream01's avatar
I'm looking forward to your art book you're putting together. I know that ^^
markerguru's avatar
i hope i can get it done for tfcon, but if not then, by botcon. so much to do and so little time to do it ;p
Scream01's avatar
I've always wanted to go to TFCon, just haven't made it yet, to many conventions and just not enough time.
markerguru's avatar
i know what thats like. there are so many i want to go to, but then i'd never get my work done ;)
StarSaider's avatar
aww adorable draw
Water-Melony's avatar
just...SO AMAZING!!!!!
Cordogg's avatar
Your style is absolutely off the chain.
Cordogg's avatar
Your style is absolutely off the chain.
jookami's avatar
That is made of awesome! :D
BabeMause's avatar
Looks really beautiful!
markerguru's avatar
thanks. i tried with with one no to screw up too bad ;)
BabeMause's avatar
And you succeeded;)
di3s3l's avatar
This is most excellent, faved.
5exer's avatar
mad skills alex mad fo sho

PriscillaTR's avatar
woah thats beautiful!! D,:
Magnus' just awesome! :flirty:
markerguru's avatar
this one was pretty fun to do.
TheHeroSFDeserves's avatar
Whaddya use for these bud? Copics i'm guessin?
markerguru's avatar
yeah i used copics
Figaro-8's avatar
Nicely done. They really look great on the colored paper.

By thy side,

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