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jazz colours

so here are the colours for the jazz picture.
i had loads of fun working on this picture, and espen did a fabulous job with the colours. i was really happy the way it turned out :)
this is one of the new prints i'll have available at the NYCC this weekend.

lineart :iconmarkerguru: that be me :)
colours :iconespeng: he has a picture of a freaky sloth. it was scary ;p

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That HP and TF3 really caught my eye 🤔. Anyway nice job 🙂
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Awesome! Dude, see your art in animation
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Jazz is so sweet!!!
Love your color(*≧ω≦)!
Notori0us7's avatar
and then he is sadly torn in half
Arendellecitizen's avatar
No that's crappy movie Jazz
This is awesome G1 jazz, who's a cool dude
Notori0us7's avatar
who also gets torn in half
Arendellecitizen's avatar
G1 jazz wasn't torn in half
Arendellecitizen's avatar
Nope that didn't happen in the comics either
Notori0us7's avatar
guess I got the wrong character
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This looks amazing!!!
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i have his action figure jazz is cool TRANSFORMING WII TRANSFORMING PSP TRANSFORMING PS3 Days is dogy TRANSFORMING DS 
cynderprime's avatar
I love jazz and the background sooo cool
FireAnt02's avatar
Jazz stop being sexy xD
firewarrior123X's avatar
hey hey hey hey I C dat harry potter poster back der!    Clap 
spiketail94's avatar
This is fantastic, I don't really know what else to say XD
Product placement ahoy!
Phenometron's avatar
Jazz is a fun Autobot!
acebird1234's avatar
Jazz is one of my favorite characters in Transformers.He's pretty awesome of how you'll done him.
shozurei's avatar
Jazz looks good.
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