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jazz head sketch

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Blueart14's avatar
Is it gay for me to that he's ssoo hot =\>
Soundwave364674's avatar
Jazz, looking as cheerful as ever! :)
Phenometron's avatar
Jazz would be very proud of you. :)
ironhidesapprentice's avatar
That smirk though! :D (Big Grin) 
ShadowOfHeaven24's avatar
he is one of the coolest bot's ever!! xD Heart 
ReveilleStudios's avatar
Hell yeah it's the Jazz man!
jazz4ever1's avatar
nice i likes this
JazzKitty1205's avatar
THX for this handsome and awesome smile!Jazz is my best favourite guy in all of TF~
SunnySidesofBlue's avatar
Love that smile of his...

Ynnep's avatar
Jazz is so pretty. XD
Starshot-seeker's avatar
awww X33 Jazz so cool, handsome and awesome as always!!! :heart:
MetroXLR's avatar
No doubt about it....JAZZ is cool.
xXMusic-MuseXx's avatar
Love Jazz and love your work here :D
Chro-Naritaka's avatar
*explodes* SEXAH JAZZ! this is awesome i love the way you coloured this picture<3
galaxywriter's avatar
Wow! Jazz looks amazing!
heavens-champion's avatar
I like him. He's so.... groovy.
darkdanc3r's avatar
Would you mind if I used this as the wallpaper for my cell phone?
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