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hound commission

ok, so here is the finished hound commission
i gotta say i had a lot of fun with this image
it's been a while since i did something like this.
the only thing i will say is there are a lot of layers of colour here. i think i did 3 layers just to get the base coat for the dark gray areas. now i need to refile some of my markers isnce this sucker eat up most of them. not complaining, but i'd love it if i could get more life out of them. then again, i do use them a lot at conventions. oh well.
so after seeing how this one turned out, i'm very happy with it, and i think i will do most of my single character commissions like this. well unless i feel something different would look better.
i guess i'll just have to wait ant see what i come up with next.
until then enjoy :3

commission done with pencil then pen and ink, copic markers, white prismacolor pencil, and white sakura gel pen on 11x17 strathmore smooth comic page.

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With his arms completely black, he kinda looks like Hardhead.
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Hound is one of my favs!
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Guess what was used (at least credited too!)?… People want YOUR design more than the actual movie version!  Me too! 
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holy f*ing shit this is so badass.
hound is so cool, i always liked him better than bumblebee as the human relations/scout character
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I would so love to see Hound in Prime or even back in the recent Animated series... That and the movie too! One of my fave gen-1 characters...
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Wonderful drawing. Hound looks solid and ready to go. Very well done. As cool as the movies have made the transformations, there's something elegant in the simplicity of the ways the toys transformed and I think you captured that in spades here (with some clever tweaks). The general layout is inspired (like the fade to his name), and the colors look fantastic.

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thanks. glad you like it.
i do enjoy the background and working the name into that :)
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He looks great :-)
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Hound is by far one of my most favorite G1 Transformers! Awesome!
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Love the inclusion of Hound's name into the picture. Beautiful picture overall!
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Wow, he looks great! Nice work on the coloring.
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you telling me you coloured this by hand? :worship: Allmighty artist!
LotteBubbles's avatar are amazing...I can't even comprehend how much skill someone needs to do this....:faint:
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This was a FANTASTIC piece of artwork. Absolutely fantastic!!
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thanks. glad you enjoy it :)
Incredible. It's a step up from the warm-up sketches of Soundwave, Megatron, and Starscream. I'm going to have to get in on this in the near future.
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That is absolutely amazing! First of all, Hound looks seriously badass. Then the details of his body are amazing! And the colouring!!!!! Unreal.

Love it. :-)
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