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galvatron and crew lineart

By markerguru
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so this is my take on the idw versions of galvatron, cyclonus and scourge.
this is also a image that i did for a tribute to the classic 86 movie.
it was a lot of fun to do this pic.
i really enjoy galvatron and cyclonus. getting to draw galvatron in the history of idw's transformers panel in issue 22 made me want to make a galvatron image up
i hope you enjoy it :D

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I saw Cyclonus and was like "HOLY !@$&."
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Is the original art for this for sale?
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Hey Alex

Re: the original Galvatron art -- How much was the asking price? <--- if you wanted to continue this convo via email

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just send me a note on DA and i'll let you know :)
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your linearts has good taste!! :happybounce:
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Dead Universe FTW! Where is Jhiaxus?
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he didn't make the cut.
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This single image is way better than the whole art of the 4 issues of the mini-series. ^^' Sorry but its true. ^^'
Cant wait to see this one colored. Truly amazing!
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So sensei,when would you return to OM…I love your style!
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Oh, I really want to color this... can I color this?
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Ohhhhh excellent detail as usual!
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I've always loved Galvatron. In my lifetime I only had two Transformers was the original Megatron and the other was Galvatron. Seeing him here along with the others makes me a bit nostalgic.
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Dead crew rocks, great collection of them here. Sharp lines as always.
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Looks cool :star: Hope to see ya either tomorrow or Fri at Fan Expo :star:
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I love your lineart. I can't believe you managed to make Scourge look menacing
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Awesome lines.
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May I color this? :iconshyblushplz:
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Diggin Cyclonus' claws digits. I LIKE the way they turned out.
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So freakin' awhe original movie was great, and this is something that really lives up to the classic, nice job.
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totally awesome!!!!!
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